The Benefits of Sports in Professionalism

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Taking employee welfare into account is a necessity that more and more leaders are concerned about. Snows, painting, theater … cultural, sporting or relaxing activities appear in the workplace. And if sport could play a role for the moral and physical health of employees, but also for that of the company?

Involving a professional, directly in the workplace, for one or two hours of muscle building, running or any other physical, recreational and collective activity, here is a simplified presentation of sports coaching in a company. Behind this intervention, we find a suitable way to “unwind” and make a break during the working day. This cut allows the teams to be revitalized and given a second breath, in order to compensate for a progressively diminishing performance throughout the day.

pushupsThis is no longer to prove, the sport, with a fitness goal, is good for the practitioner’s health. Indeed, physical activity allows the elimination of toxins, the improvement of the cardio-vascular capacities and participates in the prevention of certain pathologies.The first cause of sick leave is directly related to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). These MSDs occur especially during prolonged unsuitable positions and on subjects lacking substantially “postural cladding”. Back pain can be prevented or mitigated by targeted strengthening and stretching exercises.

Sport is certainly not the only solution, but in addition to preventive actions within the company, sports activities can be largely complementary in the management of stress. Indeed, during the sports activity, the brain releases certain hormones to the soothing and calming virtues. These hormones play an important role in the ability to cope with the hardships of life and facilitate the management of stress.


By putting together all the benefits of sport on the person and the collective, we can deduce positive consequences on the internal functioning of the company, turnover, number and duration of sick leave. In addition, according to Health Canada, an active employee (who practices at least one physical activity during the week) is 12% more productive than a sedentary employee (no physical activity).

The sport, linked to a global prevention plan, will allow to combine the notions of performance and pleasure in the professional framework, for a sustainable performance.

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