Week 14 standings, Week 15 lines and another new sheriff in town

fasten-seat-beltLadies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for turbulence.  We have had yet another shake up at the top and I’m not referring to the Cowboys losing (again to the Giants) allowing the Patriots to take over the top spot in most power rankings.

Here at SportsChump, we have power rankings all our own that are far more important.  With only three weeks left in the regular season, now more than ever it is time to show me what you know about pigskin prognostication.

Last week, Hank of the Pank pulled off a very impressive 5-0, adding fifteen points to his score and distancing himself from the pack… for now.  If this season has proven anything, it’s that a lead means nothing.  I want to know what you have done for me lately.

Could this week be your turn to run the table?

Without further ado, here are this week’s standings and NFL betting lines.  Best of luck to all!


Hank +31

Fibbs +21

Speedbeagle +18

Kid Sheraton +15

KP +5

Dee Dee +5

TJ +5

Ryan Meehan -1

J-Dub -3

Hanahan -4

SportsChump -8

Heavy D -23

Dr. Milhouse -31


Rams at Seahawks (-16)

Dolphins at Jets (+2)

Buccaneers at Cowboys (-6.5)

Lions at Giants (-5)

Eagles at Ravens (-6)

Packers at Bears (+6.5)

Colts at Vikings (-4.5)

Browns at Bills (-10)

Titans at Chiefs (-5.5)

Jaguars at Texans (-6)

Saints at Cardinals (-2.5)

49ers at Falcons (-14)

Patriots at Broncos (+3)

Raiders at Chargers (+3)

Steelers at Bengals (+3)

Panthers at Redskins (-5)

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12 Replies to “Week 14 standings, Week 15 lines and another new sheriff in town”

  1. 5 Steelers

    4 Ravens

    3 Redskins

    2 Patriots

    1 Bills

    and for the record, the gamble didn’t pay off. I would have picked up 10 points last week had I played. C’est la vie.

  2. Dolphins over Jets (5)
    Packers easily cover over the Bears (4)
    I hope Minnesota wipes Indianapolis off the face of the earth (3)
    Raiders cover vs. Chargers (2)
    Steelers over Bengals (1)

  3. 5) Steelers at Bengals (+3) Aluminumers
    4) Lions at Giants (-5) Motor City Kitties
    3) Titans at Chiefs (-5.5) Flaming Thumbtacks (look at the Titans logo, you’ll get it)
    2) Raiders at Chargers (+3) Las Vegas Raiders
    1) 49ers at Falcons (-14) Georgia Canaries

  4. Missed the early games again… here are my picks from the late games

    5 – Bucs +6.5

    4 – Cardinals -2.5

    3 – Panthers +5

    2 – Patriots -3

    1 – Falcons -14

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