Book Review: Sports Illustrated College Football’s Greatest

It’s Christmastime and that means the majority of us are running around frantically looking for last minute gifts to buy our loved ones.  We here at SportsChump are here to help.

Not long ago I wrote a review of the best book ever written.  The review was meant in jest, sort of, but it’s a book that adorns my coffee table to this day and one I pick up every time I’m feeling frisky. It was Sports Illustrated’s Super Bowl Gold: 50 Years of the Big Game, a glorious pictorial history of the year’s most celebrated sporting event.  I still get chills just thinking about it.

si-college-football-greatestWell, the good folks are Sports Illustrated have done it again, right in time for us crazed sports fans to gift… and debate.

Sports Illustrated has compiled their greatest college football ever list in beautiful hard cover and again, there’s no sense beating around the bush.  Just go out and buy it.  For twenty or so dollars, it’s the perfect Christmas gift for the sports fanatic in your life.  The book is simply called Sports Illustrated College Football’s Greatest.

Within it’s beautiful covers, SI decided to put its foot down and rank college football’s greatest teams, coaches, quarterbacks, running backs, linebackers, rivalries, mascots and game day experiences… to name only a few.

I’m not going to spoil any surprises about who they pick where but let’s just say when I got this bad boy in the mail, I thumbed through it from start to finish, agreed with some of their picks and questioned others.  That’s the beauty of the book.

In a time of utter chaos in college football, it’s nice to know there are some things we can still count on.  One of those is Sports Illustrated putting together another must have sports collection for your library.

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2 Replies to “Book Review: Sports Illustrated College Football’s Greatest

  1. If the list of quarterbacks isn’t headed by either Roger Staubach or Tim Tebow, it’s invalid.

    I’d be curious to see what they did in terms of coaches with Joe Paterno.

  2. SI and it’s that asinine time of the year when the magazine itself has nothing else better to do. Time’s Man of The Year will be ? Who gives a ###it anyway ? Subjective or objective it’s simply something for the publishers’ seeking to lure in the readers.

    On to a more pressing matter , what does it tell you when the two best wide receivers in the NFL over the past ten years will have retired , with neither having won or even having a sniff of a Superbowl ring or victory? First Calvin Johnson and now Larry Fitzgerald is unsure , if he will return to the NFL much less the Arizona Cardinals in 2017.

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