Contest winners and chicken dinners

100-sportschumpsIt’s time to ring in a new year and take a look back at the two biggest SportsChump contests of the year.

I know some of you have been obsessing about my first annual Weekly Pick ‘Em Contest… with good reason.  It’s not every day that a sports website offers you $100 just for picking games correctly.  I fully expect to host this contest again next year so stay tuned.

But before we get to the results of that contest, and ultimate winner of my money, let’s go back to August when I hosted my Sixth Annual Over/Under Contest.  You remember that one, don’t you?  Where I post each team’s projected win total and you choose ten teams that will go either over, or under, that number and then assign them each confidence points.

Well, wait until you see who won.

As it turns out, no prizes will be awarded after all, for good reason.  Here are the standings in reverse order.

Captain Tree – 11

Heavy D – 14

J- Dub – 16

Speedbeagle – 21

Joey Mills – 21

Dr. Milhouse – 23

SportsAttitudes – 23

Rep Guy – 27

Hanahan – 27

Ravenous – 30

Dee Dee – 33

KP – 34

Ronbets – 36

And, in first place, ME!!!

SportsChump – 38

That’s right.  I have finally won my own contest.  I will proudly be sending myself a SportsChump t-shirt and other fabulous prizes.

Nah, for RonBets’ troubles and his constant support of the site, I will be sending out a SportsChump t-shirt for him to wear around the Vegas sportsbook talking mad trash.

The biggest surprises of the season were clearly the Dallas Cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals.  Not a single one of us picked the Cowboys to win more than nine games.  As it turns out, they were one of the best teams in football all season long.  And while most of us thought the Arizona Cardinals would win over ten games, they came nowhere close.

Here’s how we thought things would shake out…


And now on to our weekly pick ‘em contest and our hundred dollar winner.

In an effort to increase traffic and prove that gambling on pro football was a difficult task, I asked readers to pick five games every week and gamble 5,4,3,2 and 1 points on them based on how confident they were about the outcomes.  If they wagered on the game correctly (picked the team that would cover the spread), they would earn the amount of points they wagered but if they picked the games wrong, they would have those points subtracted from their score.

I would keep track of their score all season long.  It was quite time-consuming.

Thirteen people entered the required ten weeks and here’s how they finished.

In reverse order:

Dr. Milhouse – 31

J-Dub – 8

Heavy D – 8

Hanahan – 7

SportsChump – 5

Meehan – 2

Kid Sheraton +6

Dee Dee +7

TJ + 16

KP +20

SpeedBeagle +23

Fibbs +26

Hank Mac +34

Plus 34 is an outstanding finish which means not only does Hank win $100 (nice work, sir) but he would have made some serious money had he been actually gambling.

Again, a hearty thanks to all of you for playing and stay tuned for more opportunities to be enshrined in the SportsChump Hall of Fame.

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21 Replies to “Contest winners and chicken dinners”

  1. Total screw-up on my part, D.

    As much as I loved running this thing, it was a pain in the ass, he he.

    Pretty sure SpeedBeagle caught me on a screw-up in one of the weeks as well.

    The standings have been remedied and you’re right up there where you belong. Sorry about that.

    I’m actually surprised so many people finished with positive points. For a while, it was looking like not that many would.

    Kind of restored my faith in the gambling process.

  2. Nice work, Hank.

    Just so that nobody here thinks your winning was a fluke, you should probably let everyone know how many hours you spent combing the injury reports every weekend.

  3. I don’t know about hours, but I did take it more seriously after about week 4.

  4. Employees of the Company, the Contest’s participating sponsors and their advertising agencies, and members of the immediate family of any such persons are not eligible to participate and win. LOL!!

    Chris, I know mom helped you in the picks. I’ll relinquish the C-Note and donate it to the Clinton Foundation.

  5. Dubs…

    I think it’s time for you and I to come to terms with the fact that we may not know as much as we think we do.

    Let me know of the next town meeting to discuss such matters… so we can sneak out of it and pretend the opposite.

  6. Hank Mac…

    All we’ve asked for here at the Chump is a little commitment.

    Whether we get it or not is a different story.

    On a side note, I suggest you collect your hundred dollar trophy from my person soon… before I spend it and erase all knowledge that this contest ever existed.

  7. Chris, you gotta good gambling gene that’s waiting to be exploited.

    Now a serious occupational question. I hadda beer given to me on the blind by a cocktail waitress. IBT? Goose beer? Help me out. What did I drink? btw it wasn’t bad.

  8. Bets…

    Might have been Goose Island that I believe is a brewery out of Chicago.

    As with most other breweries, they probably knock out all different kind of stuff: ales, porters, stouts, pilseners, IPAs.

    I believe their most popular beer is 312 which they call an Urban Wheat Ale, which just means it’s a hefe. But it’s a pretty damn good one.

    Did that help at all?

  9. Congrats to the winners of both contests…with a raised eyebrow towards the one champion who actually RUNS both contests. Hmmm. Anyway, on the over/under competition if the Eagles hadn’t tried like the Cowboys didn’t in Week 17 that would have skyrocketed J-Dub and myself to only losing by less points. That weekly pick ’em was a situation I knew would end badly for moi. I saw the iceberg coming and deftly stepped aside but props to all who entered. We all know that’s not an easy thing to factor…and when you factor in the confidence ranking…tough sledding. Well done Chris.

  10. Tough but fun contests to run, Burnsy.

    In retrospect, everyone here in Tampa is (cold but) happy about the way the Bucs season went. Progress is most definitely being made.

    Although I can tell you we’re not happy about the Saints ruining our playoff chances in back to back years.

    Here’s looking forward to some revenge in 2017!

    And here’s to meeting the Eagles again when it matters. We all know how that goes.

  11. Small winner but lacked the fortitude for the moneyline. Took +7 instead.

    You guys put on a good show at the “Jesse James”

  12. Sounds like we were on the same page then, Bets, on both accounts.

    I played it safe and took the points.

    And yea, Tampa is desperate to host another bowl. Pretty sure we did a good job with this one so that a bug gets put in whosever’s ear to get another one, perhaps even the big one.

    I’ll have a final sights and sounds post up soon so stay tuned.

  13. Hello Triple SC… Thank you for the overs/unders and pickem contest. It was great fun at the expense of your time and $100 and I thank you. I tried my best and I didn’t place too shabby. What is notable here, is that I believe this the first time YOU have beaten me in Yahoo Pickems!! 😉
    Thanks again for your efforts and congrats to you! 😉
    Dee Dee

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