SportsChump’s nth Annual NFL Playoff and Super Bowl Pick ‘Em

NFL_Crystal_BallI’ve thought long and hard about who to wager on this weekend and I’ve come to one, well-educated conclusion.

I may lay off the games altogether.

I mean, I have no idea who is going to win either of these two championship games.

Are the Falcons finally going to realize their potential, win the last game they’ll ever play in the Georgia Dome and march on into the Super Bowl or will Aaron Rodgers and the Packers continue their nearly unprecedented hot streak and shock the world?

Will Tom Brady and his New England Patriots achieve the ultimate redemption for DeflateGate by besting Pittsburgh or will the Steelers set aside Antonio Brown’s cell phone shenanigans and get one step closer to the franchise’s seventh Super Bowl.

My friends, your guess is as good as mine… which is why I’ve decided to bring back a contest from yesteryear.

Since the NFL’s Final Four (and ultimate Final One) is so difficult to predict, I’m hosting yet another contest.  This year’s winner will receive a fabulous SportsChump prize pack, which does not include me washing your car, but will include a SportsChump t-shirt (supplies are running out) and a hardcover copy of Nick Eatman’s Friday, Saturday, Sunday in Texas: A Year in the Life of Lone Star Football, from High School to College to the Cowboys.

Here’s how I hosted the contest in the past.  The rules will remain the same so follow closely.

Below, in vivid detail, I need your NFC Champion, your AFC Champion, your Super Bowl champion and your Super Bowl MVP.  I also need total points scored in the Super Bowl as a tiebreak.  Don’t just tell me who will win.  Tell me WHY they will win.

You will receive 10 points for picking each championship game correctly, 15 points for picking the Super Bowl winner and 20 points for properly picking the MVP.  Here’s where the tiebreak comes into play.  I will subtract one point off your final score for each point you are away from the final total score, so you want to get it close.

Ladies and gentlemen, we had a pretty successful season picking football games.  Let’s see how good you are at picking the final three.

Good luck!

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16 Replies to “SportsChump’s nth Annual NFL Playoff and Super Bowl Pick ‘Em”

  1. Nostradumbass say:

    Pats vs Pack in SB because ATL is ATL and always fold in the clutch and the Steelers shit talking has given the Pats even more fire….Like they needed it.

    Hate to say it as a GB fan, but Pats win 38-27 because Deflategate has Tom on a mission regardless of who’s in his path.

    Brady the MVP, tells Roger the wabbit Goodell to go fuck himself on national television per your Clint Eastwood scenario a few weeks ago, drops the mic and buys an island.

  2. NFC Champion- IGreen Bay Packers. I don’t know why; Green Bay just feels right.

    AFC Champion- New England Patriots. I know there’s no sure thing when it comes to picking football games, but New England comes pretty close.

    Super Bowl Champion- New England Patriots. See above.

    Super Bowl MVP- Tom Brady, the ultimate revenge

    Total Points Scored- 51

  3. NFC – ATL
    GB can’t stay this hot can they? Scared of Clay Matthews but I think ATL’s 3 quality WR’s help ATL win in a shoot-out.

    AFC – PATS
    Scared of this one for reasons that Vegas is not. Pats have a habit of spitting the bit late in the playoffs. Pick’em game for me.

    SB – PATS
    NE’s defense is not that bad for once and ATL has been known to throw a clunker in every once in a while. Another pick’em – hell, neither one of these teams might be in this game so on the next wild guess.

    SB MVP – Tom Brady
    Picked him just so he’ll be able to stare down Goodell during the trophy ceremony and trade him the trophy for a deflated football. Now that would be must-see TV.

    Tiebreak – Total Points 66
    (38-28 Pats). Actually I just threw 3 darts at the board and added up the points.

  4. Gonna pass Chris. Too many intangibles. Much better shopping in the College Basketball Market. My breakdown was the following:

    Coaching: Belichick 3pts vs Tomlin
    Home Field: 2 to 3 pts @Gillette
    Personnel: Teams match up well with injuries et al. EVEN
    Odds: NEngland -6

    Coaching: McCarthy 1.5pts vs Quinn
    Home: Dome and carpet favor speedier Atl. Falcons-5pts
    Personnel: Atl 2.5pts. Ryan actually has better stats than AR
    Odds: Atlanta -6

  5. This season sucked more than Jenna Jameson at her first audition. The NFL now sucks more than Skip Bayless on his dead mother’s asshole. But I’m a sucker for your goddamn challenges.

    Aluminumers over Pressure Cooker Bomb Victims
    Lombardis over Southern Canaries

    Lombardis over Aluminumers

    Total Points – 57

    MVP – Aaron Rodgers

  6. I have to tell you these are really hard decisions & probably wouldn’t play the games except maybe the over/ under. Sense they are so close I have to go for the 2 QB’S I have the most confidence in. GB & NE win this week. GB wins the SB 28-27 & Rodgers wins the MVP.

  7. A Rod and the patchwork Packers march through Atlanta and on to the Super Bowl.

    The Pats cover at home, as usual, and head off to their seemingly annual Super Bowl trip.

    The Pack is this year’s team of destiny. They are gonna win the Super Bowl because some dude that bet on them to win 3 months ago, and has been ‘letting it ride’ ever since, will be the biggest over night gambling sensation since Chris Moneymaker..

    Of course A Rod has to be the MVP…. he’s the only offensive Paker player that anyone has ever heard of.

    Total score….. 63

  8. Okay, gang, this is tough, which is why I decided to bring back the contest.

    In the early game, I’m going with the Falcons over the Packers. Vegas expects a shoot-out (o/u 61) and I’m inclined to agree. I just think the injuries are going to catch up to Green Bay. Plus I think this is Atlanta’s time. Falcons end the Pack’s win streak and marches on to the bowl.

    The late game could go either way. I’ve thought long and hard about it and can make an argument for either team winning but that’s not what you want to hear. I think I’m going Pittsburgh here, begrudgingly.

    And in the bowl, I’ll take Atlanta. Not sure why. I just think this is the year they’ll have finally put things together. I generally don’t like coaches with a lack of experience over ones that have plenty (Quinn vs. McCarthy/Belichick/Tomlin) but I think this team is just determined enough to beat teams that they are very likely better than.

    I think.

    Matty Ice is your Super Bowl MVP.

  9. Alright, here goes.

    NFC: Packers. They have momentum in their favor.
    AFC: Patriots (although I am rooting for Steelers). Steelers showing was poor last week…can’t win this one without stronger offensive showing than we saw last game.
    SB Champ: Packers. Their hot-streak will prevail and they are hungrier than the Pats.
    MVP: Aaron Rogers. He’ll come through under pressure and drive the team.
    Total points: 51

  10. I’m the only one totally clean at this point!!! Now watch ATL totally screw me in the SB.

  11. It’s a motley crew, that’s for sure, although I did notice that I forgot to include my tie-breaker in the Super Bowl so I may have to disqualify myself from contention. Such harsh rules in this thing.

    Speaking of the hot Packers, which I wasn’t, four of us had them winning the Super Bowl and giving Aaron Rodgers the MVP nod.

    Recency bias strikes again!

    And how am I the only person in this thing that had the Falcons winning the Bowl?

    Welp, we’ll find out what happens in two weeks. As always, best of luck, everyone.

  12. Moose is our winner by virtue of not only a clean sweep but nailing the total points scored, only off by four points.

    He had the Pats beating the Falcons in the Super Bowl with Brady winning MVP and a total points scored of 66.

    Bleed came in a close second but his faith in the Pack led to his demise. At least he had Atlanta folding right. He was just one game off. Who knew they’d do it in such a special way.

    Moose, send me your snail mail address (and your t-shirt size) to and I’ll get it all out to ya’.

    So how long ’til next football season?

  13. Congrats to Moose.

    Seems not only can’t Nostradumbass predict things accurately, but he also glazes right over the comments section…I suppose the allure of my 3rd SportsChump T-Shirt had me all worked up.

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