The $25 million question: Would you take a chance on Tony Romo?

[Note: This article was scheduled to be released on Wednesday, however, a stunning round of golf got interfered with its timely publication.  As it turns out, the Dallas Cowboys are set to release Tony Romo today, Thursday, March, 9.  Accordingly, editor’s notes will be listed in paren.]

Not long ago, back when Justin Beiber was (for some inexplicable reason) all the rage, I joked that by merely Tweeting his name, I’d pick up fifteen extra Twitter followers.  For those very same, traffic-whoring reasons, I am once again about to give the people what they want.

I am about to write about Tony Romo.

In this day and age of misguided priorities and reality TV, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the only quarterback anyone wants to talk about is a soon-to-be thirty-seven-year-old who’s played in only five of his team’s last thirty-three games.  He’s an attention-grabber because he’s the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys… or at least he is for now. [Note: he’s not… for now]

Last season, when Romo went down (again) for the year, the Cowboys’ fourth-round pick out of Mississippi State, Dak Prescott, stepped in mightily, leading his team to a rather unexpected 13-3 season in Romo’s absence.  In fact, Prescott, and his rookie running mate Ezekiel Elliott, did so well (they won 11 straight games) that eventually the talk of bringing back Romo once he was healthy became socially unacceptable or at least so laughable that even the major sports networks stopped reporting it.

Ultimately, America’s team lost in the playoffs to the Green Bay Packers in a thriller because rookie quarterbacks don’t win playoff games but one thing became clear (as much as things can become clear with Jerry Jones running the show):  Dak Prescott is Dallas’ quarterback of the future.  What inquiring minds really want to know is whether he will still be their quarterback of the present.  In other words, Mr. Jones has a very difficult decision to make this off-season. [It looks like he’s made it]

Tony Romo has spent more time in the hospital these last two seasons than he has on a football field which begs the question all the major sports outlets are now asking: Would you take a chance Tony Romo?  But that’s the wrong question.  The more appropriate question is at what cost, for taking a chance on him at ten or fifteen million a year is far more appealing than it is for twice that amount.

Without getting too much into the ins and outs of his contract, according to Sportstrac, Romo has [had] a cap hit of nearly $25 million for the Cowboys the 2017 season.  Fortunately, they’re paying their starting quarterback and running back peanuts since they’re still under their rookie contracts but even though Jones loves himself some Romo, cutting a check for $25 mil for someone to hold a clipboard has to irritate even the most loyal billionaire.  [Apparently, it was.]

Clearly, you’d have to be out of your cotton-pickin’ mind to sign Tony Romo for that amount of money.  The guy is one hit away from racking up frequent stretcher miles.

So if you were a GM, would you take a stab on him, at what cost and for how long?  I asked Dr. Milhouse this very same question the other night.  The good doctor listed about 13 teams that would, or perhaps should, contemplate signing Romo, assuming it didn’t bankrupt their current situation.  I’d put that number closer to ten.  The fact that number is so high tells me a) there are a bunch of shitty quarterbacks in the league and b) there are a bunch of desperate owners out there.  One would have to logically conclude inking Romo is one hell of a gamble but they’d do it anyway.

Romo should send Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning thank you cards for these three have proven old guys can still get it done behind center.  They are the exception, not the norm.  I hate to break it to you members of the Tony Romo fan club but he is by no means the caliber of those three quarterbacks.  Brady, Manning and Brees have combined for forty playoff wins; Romo has two.  The only thing he has in common with those gentlemen is the proximity of their years of birth.

The premise of this entire discussion once again goes to show a) how important the quarterback position is in the NFL these days and b) how many teams are desperate for one.  Between contract issues and personnel, the odds of Tony Romo landing on a serious contender are infinitesimal.  The odds of him staying healthy for sixteen games and leading that team to a Super Bowl next year are even smaller than that.

Either way, it’s what people are talking about so I figured I’d throw in my two cents, a pittance compared to what Romo will be making next season.  Whether Romo stays in Dallas or lands elsewhere, he will be collecting a healthy paycheck.  Here’s hoping he’s actually healthy enough to collect it.

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22 Replies to “The $25 million question: Would you take a chance on Tony Romo?”

  1. LOL at this bum. I guess it depends on what your team goal may be? The Browns? Why not? They will blow it regardless. If your goal is to win championships than no…this guy doesn’t sniff my team. Fragile, choker prone. Yeah he has put up good stats and when healthy is viable in FF.

    That said, he loses when it matters. This should have been obvious when butterfingers botched a snap 10 years ago against the Seahawks in a playoff game. All he had to do was catch a great snap and put the ball down and Dallas would have won a playoff game. He was unable to pull it off. It was too much for him to handle in crunch time.

  2. As a lifelong Cowboy fan, I wish Tony luck wherever he lands. Unfortunately, he is the Danny White of the 21st century. While racking up impressive numbers and breaking every Dallas QB record, he had his chances to lead us to the promised land and came up short. Maybe he can find that illusive ring with the Broncos and ride off into the sunset like Elway did, if they can keep him off his back. Thanks for the memories, Tony. Your place in Dallas Cowboys history is secure, whatever the future holds for you.

  3. D…

    I’m pretty much impartial to Tony Romo although didn’t he take off to the islands during training camp with Jessica Simpson once? What was that story all about or am I misremembering?

    A lot of people are saying Houston or Denver which I suppose makes sense. John Elway’s stamp of approval would have to be worth something, right?

    Wherever he goes, he’s gonna need an offensive line that can keep him upright.

    Remember, D, it’s a business. The goal here might be selling tickets. In a win now league, what does it hurt for a team like Houston to take a stab? He’s already a draw in that state and that team should be good enough to win ten games if he starts for them.

    As you suggest, however, winning in January is a different animal altogether.

  4. I think most Cowboys fans feel the way Steve does. Not too sure there’s too many out there who can’t stand the guy. As you suggest, he just had a run of bad luck… and health.

    The fumbled snap didn’t help much either.

    So let me ask you this, Steve. Who’s the back-up to Prescott now? I know you have a former quarterback as your head coach but who’s the veteran mentor on the sidelines? I’m not suggesting they should have paid $25 mil to Romo for his words of wisdom but that’s a young crew to be running things.

    Beware the sophomore slump, right?

  5. Elway is a winner. He can sniff out that bum Romo. I will be shocked if he goes to Denver. John has watched him choke over the years just like the rest of us.

    Does whatever team have to pay his entire $25 million? If so he might be done.

    I am just an anti-Dallas fan btw. I hope they never win another game.

  6. My guess, and I’m not too sure on this, D, is that they’re on the hook for five of the 25 which was a signing bonus but if they void the contract, that’s it.

    No guaranteed money, right?

    So another team can sign him for whatever they and his agent deem as fair market value. I’m guessing he’ll land somewhere for at least ten to twelve mil.

  7. I guess if Denver or Houston are that desperate…
    Personally, I’d pass if I were them.
    Dude chokes more often than Jenna Jameson.

  8. The one thing Bieber and Romo have in common , is that they get to tap some fine pieces of @ss ! Talent wise , let’s just say they’re overrated .

  9. Well, Bleed, would you rather have the two guys they have… or Tony Romo?

    If that’s the case, I’d probably give Romo a shot to see what he can do.

    Again, all depends on the cost.

  10. Al…

    I’m 48 and I know you’re in your fifties.

    I was just wondering when you thought saying things like “tap that ass” would borderline as inappropriate.

  11. I’m not a Romo hater, just an equal opportunity insulter…He’s been a decent QB over his career it’s just that he’s so damn old and fragile now that it seems like a prayer to expect him to last an entire season.

    Now that Kirk Cousin’s has asked to be traded, the decent teams looking for a QB like the Broncos or Texans would be better served going after him IMO.

  12. Romo is Cutler, Cutler is Romo…Finkle is Einhorn, Einhorn is Finkle. Sorry, Ace Ventura reference – cheesy I know.

    Wouldn’t want either one although my wife would probably say take Romo, at least he looks good and can handle a press conference after he blows a game without looking like my kid when I bitch about his failing grade on a test (unlike Cutler).

  13. The same way as Trump believes African Americans were all born into poverty (his address to a predominantly Caucasian audience at a Detroit church). But what do I know about the President’s machinations ?

  14. Bleed…

    What is Washington’s, and I guess more particularly Dan Snyder’s, major beef with signing Cousins? Lock the guy up already.

    He seems like a capable enough quarterback. He’s made them relevant which is more than can be said for that team lately.

  15. Laces out, Moose.

    Does Jay Cutler in a Jets uniform just scream comedy to you?

    It does me.

    I’m currently glued to the merry go round that is NFL free agency madness. Talk about entertainment!

  16. But today’s question is “would you take a chance on Desean Jackson?” Buccaneers fans….. actually I meant Chargers fans….. know that signing wide receivers as good as Keyshawn Johnson and Vincent Jackson don’t bring you any victories.

  17. All we can do is hope for the best with the Jackson signing, Glan.

    We all heard the Bucs were rumored to be looking for a speedy deep threat, a complement to Mike Evans.

    Jackson was the one they wanted. They got him.

    I think best case scenario is those two put up some nasty numbers. Worst case is that Jackson is the head case we all think he might be.

  18. Bucs look to be loading up. Have to to keep up with ATL. Cutler inNY? Press there will c rucify him like they have every qb since Broadway Joe.

  19. Pretty exciting time here in Tampa Bay, Moose, as the team seems to be making all the right moves (It’s about time).

    And yea, Cutler will get one last shot to redeem himself, to prove he’s more than just an interception machine. You’re spot on about the media. Here’s hoping the guy has some thick skin.

  20. First off I like what Tampa Bay is doing. Keep up the good work Chris. Secondly, I guess I’m in the minority who likes Romo. I don’t think he’s an all-time QB or anything like that. I just like the fact he gets up (when he can) and battles. I think he genuinely likes the game. I also think he’s done. Toast. Over. Based on the types and severity of his injuries, not his will. Then again I buried Peyton Manning and he staggered his way to another ring. Someone will take a chance…hopefully with minimum exposure.

  21. So far so good, Burnsy.

    A) We got the guy we wanted.

    B) He wanted to come here.

    We’ll see how he performs when it’s all said and done but the Bucs identified a need then went out and fixed it with the guy they thought best fit bill.

    A few more tweaks and the Bucs should be highly competitive next season.

    Re: Romo, I think there’s a lot going on behind closed doors. That contract is a load to take on. I’m afraid Mr. Jones is going to have to meet someone halfway on this one.

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