Twitter celebrates St. Patrick’s Day in song… sort of

As the dust settles on another, wild St. Patrick’s Day weekend, those who partied hearty begin their recovery and those employed by Irish pubs recover a little harder.

As many of you know, I work in one of Tampa Bay’s more successful Irish pubs.  All I can tell you about the weekend’s festivities – in case you missed them or better yet, don’t remember them – is that they included all the regalia you’d expect from a St. Patty’s Day celebration.  Parades, whiskey, green beer, more whiskey, basically pandemonium on all fronts; fun times and bad decisions going hand in green dye-soaked hand.

I did, however, find time to check Twitter late one night to find the minds at Comedy Central ringing in the holiday in musically suggestive fashion.

Chris Hardwick and the @midnight game show challenged Tweeters to “Make a song Irish.”  Considering where I work and the wild weekend that was, I had a good chuckle reading over these.  I’m pretty sure you will too.

To all of you who swung by and those of you who didn’t, happy St. Pat’s.  We’ll do it all over again next year!



Every Day I’m Dublin #MakeASongIrish


#Jesus‏ @TheLordHasSpoke

Do You Really Wanna Murphy #MakeASongIrish @midnight


Bryan Behar‏ @bryanbehar

I Kissed a Blarney Stone and I Liked it @midnight #MakeASongIrish


Tom Dufour‏ @fryartuck24

Stop! In The Name of Pub #MakeASongIrish @midnight


Collin Murr‏ @CollinMurr

We Didn’t Start the Famine #MakeASongIrish @midnight


Jason Dias‏ @JasonEdwardDias

#MakeASongIrish @midnight Here Comes The Sun, for like six minutes, then back to raining.



Schmeezer‏ @theschmeezer  

Takin’ Care of Guinness @midnight #MakeASongIrish


Mr. Christopher‏ @iamalmostlegend

Stout, Stout, Let it All Out #MakeASongIrish @midnight


Anal Hersheiser‏ @AnalHersh

Smells Like Green Spirits #MakeASongIrish @midnight


Justin Staggs‏ @Staggfilms

Nothing Compares 2 U2 #MakeASongIrish @midnight


Lady Fancyface‏ @auntiem1977

This Is My Pint Song #MakeASongIrish @midnight


Richard Hine‏ @richardhine

The Wind Cries Jesus, Mary and Joseph #MakeASongIrish @midnight  ?‏ @propapergirl

Irish I was a little bit taller, Irish I was a baller. #MakeASongIrish @midnight


Syed Abdul Razak‏ @tweetfeelsgood

#MakeASongIrish With Or Without Stew


Molly‏ @mollymega  

#MakeASongIrish We Kilt This City


a total pleb‏ @PlebianPictures

Don’t Go Breaking My Harp #MakeASongIrish @midnight


Tim Borden‏ @tbchicago1

#MakeASongIrish Papa’s Got A Brand New Bagpipe @midnight


ChrisHumpherys‏ @SportsChump

“Still Hazy After All Green Beers” – Paul O’Simon @midnight #MakeASongIrish

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4 Replies to “Twitter celebrates St. Patrick’s Day in song… sort of”

  1. PJD…

    I think that’s because one was taking the picture while the other was riding around in a golf cart sneaking into occupied Port-A-Potties, he he.

    Either way, thanks again for the newly (and perhaps permanently?) clovered ride. Everyone had a blast.

    Oh, and Go Gators!

  2. Congrats to the Gators but look out for Wisconsin – they are on a roll. Good luck.

  3. Gators aren’t doing too poorly either, Moose.

    I wish they would have had a chance to see what this team could do with their starting center, Egbuni, who went down due to injury. Guy was a beast.

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