Twitter Sends Get Well Card to Derrick Rose the Only Way It Knows How

It’s never nice to make fun of one’s maladies… but after the season the New York Knicks have had, one must find a silver lining somewhere.

With only a week or so left in the regular season, the Knickerbockers officially announced Sunday that Derrick Rose will (once again) be sidelined for the season.  You couldn’t have made money off that prediction if you tried.

Rose’s latest injury is the sour icing on the spoiled rotten cake that was this New York Knicks calendar year.  And to think I thought this team would make the playoffs.  This cluster fuck of a season included one of its own getting arrested and tossed out of the building on live television, its oft-injured center suspended twenty games for violating the league’s drug policy, the ever-maligned GM criticized by a Hall of Famer who used to play for him, team ownership reaching unprecedented levels of unpopularity and the team finishing about 20 games under .500.  It’s only fitting that after all that, a guy they owe $21 million injures his leg… yet again.  London Bridge has officially fallen down and it can’t get up.

We here at SportsChump send Derrick Rose a sincere, get well card (we should have bought in bulk) but for the time being, here are a few Tweets that might even make the sickly point guard chuckle. After all, laughter is the best medicine.


#BlackBoyJoy‏ @paully_eFFerson

Derrick Rose almost survived a full season

 Dellavedova Facts‏ @DellyFact

Derrick Rose‘s knees are made of Warriors 3-1 leads.


Not Jeff Van Gundy‏ @CrazyVanGundy

Doctors say Derrick Rose’s knee is still in better shape than the Knicks organization.


Neechi Sosa ? ️‏ @BigNeechi

I want a relationship that last longer than Derrick Rose’s knee health


ChrisHumpherys‏ @SportsChump 

You’d have to think Derrick Rose has heard the word “meniscus” more than any other human being without a medical degree.



DaRealBronzino‏ @WBlizters

The 76ers have signed Derrick Rose to a 14 year deal.


Jason‏ @jasonomics

At first I thought the Derrick Rose injury was another April fools joke, but then I remembered it was Derrick Rose


Charles Auer‏ @hyperfocal

Wouldn’t it be easier is ESPN did breaking news when Derrick Rose was healthy?


Adarius‏ @DariBelafonte

Perhaps Derrick Rose missed his calling. Clearly God has created his body to work behind a desk in an office


Not Tony Romo‏ @not_romo

I told Derrick Rose I’d let him borrow my wheelchair, but odds are I’ll need it back pretty soon


The Fake ESPN‏ @TheFakeESPN

Derrick Rose is officially out & needs a 4th knee surgery. He needs just one more knee surgery for a free Subway sandwich.


Nick‏ @nickwhitmore1

Does Derrick Rose have a punch card for knee surgeries? Seems like it would be a logical investment


Duvals Realest   ‏ @Deshawnj55Crazy

Someone called Derrick Rose MVP “Most Valuable Patient”



Derrick Rose needs a damn otterbox!!!!!


Tom McFeeley‏ @TomMcFeeley

Derrick Rose injured, out for season. In related news, the sun came up today.


ChrisHumpherys‏ @SportsChump

Steve Austin? This is Derrick Rose. We need to talk.


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11 Replies to “Twitter Sends Get Well Card to Derrick Rose the Only Way It Knows How”

  1. I feel for Derrick because I know his pain all too well.
    Due to basketball injuries I’ve had ACL replacement surgery on my right knee roughly 5 years ago, (along with MCL, LCL and meniscus damage). ….Then this January, I blew up the left knee playing ball. Same injury list, only this time, the ACL is only about a 75-85% tear instead of the complete snap the right knee was. I was on crutches for a couple of weeks, but I’ve been killing it in physical therapy and won’t require surgery. Should be back playing ball by June or so if all keeps going well.

    Rose was probably the most physically gifted and athletic player I ever saw before Russell Westbrook put his cape on. Dude was fast as lightning and could jump out of the gym, but we all have our kryptonite.

    The good news for Derrick is that he has a nice fat bank account to pad his fall, but I know his misery and frustration otherwise. I plan on coming back. I would expect he will too considering his age. I wish him well.

  2. DRose fans should consider themselves fortunate to watch his limited play in the ‘modern’ ticky-tack’ foul calling NBA. How long would he have lasted in the Rick Mahorn and Bill Lambeer era? His reluctance to play when given a clean bill when with Chicago tells me all I need to know.

  3. Bleed…

    I’m gonna play Devil’s Advocate with you.

    I’m not sure I agree that he was the most gifted. Was he any more gifted than Wade, another player that hit the floor routinely and has battled through injuries?

    He was no Iverson. He was no Grant Hill, another guy who’s career got cut short.

    Here’s my thing with Rose and perhaps I’m being a little hard on him.

    I thought he should have won that national championship at Memphis. I thought there was a point where he should have just taken over that game and willed his team to victory.

    He didn’t.

    He was supposed to be by far the best player on the floor that night. He lost to Mario Friggin’ Chalmers.

    He’s a talent for sure but I’m just not sure he ever had the drive of a true Hall of Fame great.

    Let’s see if he has the drive to come back from yet, another brutal injury.

  4. Bets…

    Guys like Laimbeer and Mahorn would have fed off any of today’s “softer” players.

    Not that he’s soft, ’cause I don’t think he is even though he gets that label, I would have liked to see these Golden State teams go into Detroit, just to see what could happen.

    Draymond Green versus Bill Laimbeer? Yes, please.

  5. Well I could have said the New York Knicks have been unmitigated disaster , but what good would that have done ? Phil Jackson and GM Steve Mills have been an excellent combination if you are looking for incompetence. I digress , we have seen Vlad Divac and Peja Stojakovic of the Sacramento Kings claim they had several better offers for DeMarcus Cousins, before trading him to the Pelicans for a bag of nuts and some pixie dust.

  6. Fair enough John Milton.
    However, I wasn’t talking about his heart…Merely the physical abilities. In his MVP year, he was unreal athletic and his explosions to the basket were crazy. Wade and Iverson had more heart to be sure, but physically Rose was a complete blur for a couple of years. Debatable either way, but I hear ya.

    His reign as a hardwood superhero was short lived and it’s been a sad downhill slide physically for Derrick… Unfortunately, yet another thing I can relate to. Getting old sucks.

  7. Al…

    Both the Kings and Knicks have been a wreck for a while.

    Ya’ know what though? Those teams both make money so what’s the incentive for ownership to change anything?

  8. Bleed…

    I guess I just was never as infatuated with the guy.

    Did you know he’s never averaged more than 8 assists a game over his career? The guy’s a point guard, allegedly an elite one, and he’s only a six assists a game guy.

    You wanna get even more negative? Take a look at his assist to turnover ratio.

    Just doesn’t cut it in my book. Just sayin’.

  9. Here’s the issue for the Kings and Knicks, in their forcing up ticket prices they’re going to see a downturn in attendance. Never mind the fact both teams are having bad seasons. Equally as bad , their draft picks over the last six seasons.

    What are your thoughts on the antics of LaVar Ball , father of UCLA star Lonzo Ball ? It’s one thing to criticize players (NBA stars LeBron James) , but then you call out players on your son’s team and use racial epithets , smacks sheer stupidity , especially when Ball is married to a Caucasian female and is the father of three biracial sons. This is one time where the saying Black Lives Matter can’t be justified , especially when it concerns an ignorant @ss such as LaVar Ball. Now Ball is saying his words were misconstrued and that he loves his son’s teammates. LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!!!

    If Russell Westbrook fails to win League MVP , will it be the biggest miscarriage of justice in terms of the award’s history ?

    Great win for Sergio Garcia taking his first Grand Slam title , The Masters with an extra-hole playoff win of Justin Rose. So who do you now believe is the best player on the PGA Tour yet to win a Grand Slam Major ?

    Tophatal …..

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