Twitter’s Romo Retirement Roast

You didn’t think I was done talking about Tony Romo, did ya’? 

Not by a longshot, my friends.  That last one was just a fluff piece

No Romo-roast would be complete without a visit to America’s favorite trash-talking website, which obviously had plenty to say about the retiring Cowboy.

Twitter may never be the same without him.



SombraBeatz‏ @ShadowBeatz

Tony Romo‘s retiring. A sad day for Giants fans.


shauna‏Verified account @goldengateblond

I will pay cash money to the first co-host who asks Tony Romo to pass a mic and then has someone intercept it.


Taylor Owens‏ @Taylorjowens23

Agent: hey Tony, I think I found you a starting QB job

Tony Romo: where at?

Agent: Cleveland

Tony Romo: you think I’d be a good broadcaster?


The Fake ESPN‏ @TheFakeESPN

Tony Romo‘s new broadcasting contract will only be for regular season games.


NFL Memes‏ @NFL_Memes

THIS JUST IN: Tony Romo injured after tripping during walk to podium to announce retirement. Broadcasting career put on hold.


juice‏ @thatdudejl

Tony Romo will always be a legend in my book. He dated Jessica Simpson in her PRIME 


Not Wes Welker‏ @CockyWesWelker

With CBS owning the Super Bowl rights for the 2019 season, It looks like Tony Romo will make it to the Super Bowl after all


Jeffry O’Brien‏ @JeffryOBrien

Tony Romo says he has a lot to learn about broadcasting. Especially when it’s time for playoff games. He’s seen so few of them. 


Matthew Kick‏ @MatthewKick

CBS Medical premiums went up after hiring Tony Romo.


Ryan Cameron‏ @nottryan_

Replying to @tonyromo

Break a leg (or collarbone), Tony!


And… to honor his time in Dallas, Mark Cuban even let him suit up for a Mavericks one night.  Needless to say, Twitter was relentless about that as well.


NOTSportsCenter‏ @NOTSportsCenter

Dallas Memorial Hospital will fly their flags at half-staff Friday in honor of losing one of their greatest patients of all time, Tony Romo


Giants Daily‏ @NYGDaily

Why did the Dallas Mavericks treat Tony Romo like he was a Make-a-Wish kid?



BREAKING: Tony Romo has already thrown an interception as a member of the Dallas Mavericks


NOTSportsCenter‏ @NOTSportsCenter

Final Score: Nuggets 109, Mavs 91 Tony Romo finishes his Mavs career with a losing record, and misses the playoffs. He’s still got it.

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14 Replies to “Twitter’s Romo Retirement Roast”

  1. Since the recent passing of Don Rickles there is not need worry. There is still plenty of talent out there.

  2. As a Philadelphia Eagle fan, how can I not love a Cowboy quarterback who created more turnovers than Sara Fucking Lee?

  3. Speaking of Rickles, Bets, there’s a great Netflix special on him, recorded years ago.

    It interrupts his usual stand-up routine with commentary from a ton of modern comedians paying homage… as they should.

    He was ruthless.

  4. Dubs…

    Let me ask ya’ this.

    Considering their (regular season) numbers were quite similar but post-season ones weren’t, I’m speaking of course of Donovan McNabb, a) did you think the comparison from my earlier post was apropos and b) did McNabb get a raw deal or did Romo get it way too easy?

    Can you imagine Romo playing in Philly? No WAY he would have lasted that long.

  5. Romo has always been soft and no way , was he a leader. Roger Staubach must’ve been on prescriptive medication or using medical marijuana , when he made the claim, the now retired quarterback would guide the franchise to a Superbowl victory.

    Another Romo claim to fame , he’s had more hits than Jessica Simpson.

  6. Aaron Hernandez hung himself ? Damn ! At last, there’s some closure for Odin Lloyd’s family (Hernandez’s victim ) .

  7. I’ll have my thoughts up on Hernandez soon, Al, and basically any changes would improve the Marlins. They’re horrible.

    Why isn’t Jeter making any offers on the Rays. God knows they can use the help. Plus he’s a local.

  8. Quick Rickles true story.

    Don and extended family were dining in a Caesar’s gourmet restaurant. Don spots Sinatra and wife eating on the other end of restaurant. He quietly sneaks over and asks FS to come over and greet him and family. Sure enough Sinatra comes over and gives a cordial hello. Rickles barked back, “Geez Frank can’t you see we’re eating?”

  9. Maybe I should have read this post first…oh yeah, CBS is gonna love their “reviews” on the Internet this Fall. They might even get more viewers tuning in just to tee up the next crushing tweet or post depending on what rolls out of Tony’s mouth. He could have ridden off into the sunset and likely seen his “Dallas Star” get bigger with each passing year. Now, not so much.

  10. Did they even interview the guy, Burnsy?

    I mean, how do they just know he’s going to be good at that job?

    Ya’ know what, tho? I might tune in just to hear him fuck up. Is it possible that that’s what the network wants?

    At least I’m tuning in, right?

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