Tired of betting on the same old sports? Why not check out these crazy ones!

You love sports- I get that. But I bet you stick to the same old, same old thing. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and maybe a bit of lacrosse- amiright? Well, what if I told you that there is a whole world of crazy sports out there that you have probably never, ever heard of? Whether you like tuning in with a beer, watching the latest games in a bar with your buddies, or having a flutter on the outcomes and gameplay- there is a whole world of possible opportunities for fun out there! We have compiled a list of some of the most wild and wonderful we could find, You never know, you could even win yourself a pretty penny, so read on for the weirdest, sexiest, strangest, and most peculiar ones that we could find!

1.      Bird Singing

Yes you read that correctly. In the small South American country of Suriname, no one takes that much of an interest in regular sports. Instead, get yourself down to the city of Paramaribo to check out the nail-biting twa-twa competitions. I know, you are thoroughly confused but I shall explain. A twa-twa is a winning song bird and at about 5am on a Sunday morning, these birds, and their owners gather in the main park to see who can sing the loudest and the sweetest. I kid you not, this is a thing, and a prize winning twa-twa can change hands for 10’s of thousands of dollars!

2.      Wife Carrying

Now this is one that we highly advise you do not try at home, especially without your wife’s permission! A popular sport in Finland, the rules are you must hoist up your beloved either over your shoulder, in a piggyback position or in your arms, and make a run for it. The championships take place every year in the city of Sonkajarvi. I suppose it is one way to test the strength of your marriage, and you can even place a bet on it! So next time you visit Betfred Bookies – why not take a punt on some of these bizarre sporting activities, wife carrying, for example?

3.      Bog Snorkelling

This is the intense sport of donning a flipper and snorkel and swimming through waist height ditch water. The sport originated in Wales back in 1976 and has grown into a hugely popular event that see’s contestants come from all over the country, and even abroad, to race through trenches in a peat bog. Oh yes, I forgot to add- they are not allowed to use any swimming strokes and must rely on flipping their flippers alone!

4.      Toe Wrestling

Invented in the UK in 1974 (It seems there wasn’t much to do in the UK back in the 70’s- see point 3), the sport of toe wrestling has grown in popularity and amassed something of a cult following. Sportsmen, or women, must link their toes together and proceed to try to make the other contestants feet touch the tarpaulin on the other side. Played over three rounds, each round is won by one person’s foot being pinned to the ground for at least three consecutive seconds.

Ok, so maybe these aren’t a viable alternative to the NFL or NBA and yes you probably would get some weird looks in the betting shop if you asked to place some dollars on the outcome, but I bet you enjoyed this weird and wonderful roundup of the worlds, truly craziest sports!

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