Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Set TO Make History in $140 Million Circus

Conor McGregor’s fight against Floyd Mayweather is getting mixed reviews for all sorts of reasons. There’s definitely reason to be excited, especially when one takes into account the different personalities of the fighters involved.

Floyd is the more flamboyant of the two. As the highest paid sports star in history, Floyd has made a habit out of flaunting his wealth wherever he goes. And it might not seem like it but Conor is definitely the more humble of the two.

The MMA champion actually started his working life as a plumber’s apprentice, and during those simple days, while Conor definitely hoped to become a sports star, his dream didn’t end in the UFC octagon but, rather, on the field of a soccer stadium, hopefully within the ranks of Manchester United.

Of course, that dream has since become a thing of the past. Conor currently stands on the top of the MMA industry, and he has chosen to use the clout he presently enjoys to challenge Floyd Mayweather, a boxer with 49 victories and no loss.

This match will be one for the history books. Conor is expected to walk away from the bout with at least sixty million dollars, and Floyd will earn even more than that. And those figures do not even take into account the money that will flow Conor and Floyd’s way once the television deals come into play.

Leonard Ellerbe is chief executive of Mayweather promotions and he believes that the Conor/Floyd bout could gross in excess of half a billion dollars. These are two fighters at the very top of their game, so there is a lot of hype surrounding their eventual brawl.

And Conor was the one that got this ball rolling, not only when he claimed two years ago that he could defeat Floyd Mayweather in thirty seconds flat but with all the taunting the 28-year-old has been sending Floyd’s way for the past few months.

It is worth noting that Floyd’s victory over Conor would allow him to surpass the record of Rocky Marciano, a boxing legend. However, that is probably the most contentious component of the Conor/Floyd match.

Many of Floyd’s fans do not think that the boxing star should use an inexperienced opponent like Conor to make history. There is good reason to believe that the Floyd/Conor bout will be one-sided.

Sure, there is no quicker striker in the UFC than Conor McGregor. But Floyd Mayweather is an unrivaled boxing phenomenon. Conor doesn’t have the capacity to overcome Floyd’s offensive or defensive capabilities, at least not in the boxing ring.

Things would be no different if Floyd stepped into entered the MMA octagon; being so thoroughly out of his element, Floyd wouldn’t stand a chance against Conor in that environment.

There is no reason to expect Conor to fair any better.

For that reason, a lot of professionals are dismissing the Conor/Floyd fight as just another Vegas show. It will be big because of the star power of the name involved. But no one is expecting a worthwhile fight.

MMA and boxing are such disparate fields that athletes from the two arenas have no business fighting one another. Many a critic thinks that Conor should just go home and enjoy his newfound wealth for a while before trying to achieve the impossible.

Now, with all this said, how can this affect the official sportsbook odds for Mayweather vs McGregor fight.


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6 Replies to “Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Set TO Make History in $140 Million Circus”

  1. Joe Rogan believes McGregor can pull off the upset , because he believes the Irishman has real punching power. I can’t see it happening because Conor McGregor simply doesn’t have the prerequisite boxing skills to get the job done.

    I watched the Andre Ward , Sergei Kovalev Light Heavyweight Title bout. Ward was terrific but the fight became controversial with a low blow landed by the champion (Ward) as he retained his belts.

    An even better bout was the possible title eliminator in the UFC Women’s Bantamweight division between Holly Holm and Bethe Correia . Fantastic knockout with a straight on kick to the head by Holm that immediately put Correia to sleep. Lights out as they say.

    I won’t be paying $49.95 or even $59.95 to see Mayweather and McGregor as it will be a theatrical farce. I’ll wait for the highlights or the post fight screening a week later on either HBO or Showtime.

  2. Not giving my money to either one. More power to them tho (I guess). FM does need some comeuppance though – he’s a real piece of trash as a human being although he won’t care while he’s living on a private island he bought from some 3rd world country.

  3. Trust me, Al, this bout will cost the average fewer much closer to a C-Note.

    If I can get ten to one odds on McGregor, I’ll play it. The only other way I’d wager this fight is that it goes the distance (publicity) with Mayweather winning the decision.

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