Colin Kaepernick Suffers Consequences of His Protests, Remains Unsigned

Here it is again. Colin Kaepernick is in the news, though some might argue that he never left. And it isn’t even his fault this time, though, again, some people could easily argue otherwise. Considering the hullabaloo he raised, it isn’t surprising that he has become the source of even more debates, this as opposed to the sportsbook odds for next season.

Whether or not he expected it, there is a dark cloud surrounding Colin Kaepernick, one he will be hard-pressed to dispel. Despite proving himself several times over as a capable athlete, it might come as a surprise for some people to learn that Colin is still unsigned even as the National Football League training camps kick things into gear.

Of course, some might argue that Colin’s record has been a little spotty. He hasn’t exactly been consistent in his performance. But, with the scandal he has brought to the NFL, one cannot help but wonder whether his current situation is a consequence of the NFL Owners’ distaste for his actions.

The NFL is as patriotic an organization as they get. It tends to embrace the American flag and all its ideals and concepts to the Nth degree. As such, it didn’t come as a surprise when Colin’s decision to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem attracted hostility.

Of all the abuses and accusations that came Colin Kaepernick’s way, it was the attack on his patriotism that really galvanized his critics. That he wouldn’t respect a flag so many had died to protect was an insult to the United States of America.

Colin’s fans have often argued that the attacks on the athlete’s patriotism make little sense because all he did was exercise the freedoms that the American flag grants him. The United States has always elevated itself above dictatorial nations like Russia because it gifts its citizen the freedom to speak and express their thoughts and opinions as they wish.

Every American citizen has the right use these freedoms as they wish without the fear of reprisals of any sort. Whether or not Colin Kaepernick was offending the patriotic sensibilities of the nation by choosing to kneel during the playing of the national anthem, he still has the right to express his objections to the situation in his nation as he sees fit without having his ability to earn a living threatened.

With this mind, it has been suggested that the owners of the NFL, many of whom have ranted about the patriotic symbolism of standing during the national anthem, are trampling upon that very patriotism by denying Colin his right to express himself without the fear of reprisal.

During the peak of the Colin Kaepernick scandal, the athlete claimed that his actions were a protest against the unchecked deaths of black men and women at the hands of police officers. His stand actually garnered him a lot of support, with some military personnel going so far as to express their support for Colin’s right to utilize his American Freedoms.

The ball is in the court of the NFL owners who must manifest their patriotic backbone by showing a willingness to sign Colin Kaepernick despite his penchant for eliciting negative attention via his protests.

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11 Replies to “Colin Kaepernick Suffers Consequences of His Protests, Remains Unsigned”

  1. Funny, how the owners within the NFL can tolerate racist ingrates such as Richie Incognito ( who states to a black teammate that he’d like sodomize sexually that player’s mother and daughter) and Riley Cooper (whose ignorant about African American players while allegedly drunk) was watered down by the league and they simply suspending both these players, sending them to sensitivity training , but Colin Kaepernick because of his stance , is vilified by idiotic fans , Congressmen and even former NFL players. Anyone who believes the NFL doesn’t have a double standard is clearly delusional if not completely asinine. Still the NFL has yet to seek a African American owner within their midst , with their being only one person of color among the owners , Pakistani native (now naturalized citizen) Shahid Khan of the Jacksonville Jaguars . The all not so inclusive No Fun League , with their dumb @ss Rooney Rule which is not always adhered to by the teams. This league (NFL) remains hypocritical and laughable on so many levels .

  2. The NFL isn’t patriotic. How the hell can they be deemed patriotic when they charge the US Defense Dept for the privilege of playing the National Anthem at the regular season games ? That action smacks of greed and slovenliness on the part of the league . Do you actually believe that’s a great way to show patriotism and to honor the nation’s fallen and living heroes , then there is something wrong by the league charge the federal government (ergo the taxpayer) to play the National Anthem at their games ?

  3. Colin Kaepernick was far more consistent than the now injured Joe Flacco through parts of last season and perhaps you should take a look at the rather odious interview given by Ravens’ owner Steve Biscotti where he downplayed trying to sign Colin Kaepernick , while Roger Goodell was there on the dais at that press conference. Kaepernick is being black-balled by the hypocritical owners of the NFL and Roger Goodell is leading the charge to let his banishment stay in place. Joe Flacco has come out and be openly critical of the Ravens’ front office for even seeking to try out the former Niners’ quarterback.

  4. You tell ’em, Bets.

    Again, a sponsored post.

    In addition to paying for valuable post time, they also subject to the ample ridicule from my readers.

    By all means, keep it up, brother.

  5. Al…

    It’s sounding like Kap will get a chance in Baltimore… which means we can finally put this whole argument to bed about whether or not the guy can still damn play.

    I’ll be all the happier for it.

  6. I don’t care about his belief system as long as he doesn’t incite to riot. Doesn’t mean I have to agree with it tho.

    What I want is for him to stand directly in front of a mic and explain what the hell he is telling GM’s and owners instead of talking thru his “people”. I also want him to tell me what’s the number he’s willing to play for. This ain’t me and you negotiating for a job that thousands are qualified for. Their are only -100 people on the planet qualified to play QB in the NFL and if signed his pay becomes public knowledge anyway. Why the cloak and dagger? Put a number on the board (back-up $$$) and THEN the onus goes back on the owners to explain why they won’t pay it. Otherwise, he’s letting them drive the bus of public opinion.

    Guess he could always go play in the CFL.

  7. Call it what you want….
    Bottom line is if he were a better QB, he’d still be a 49er.

    He started this whole thing for himself by publicly disrespecting the police, veterans, flag and country that allows him the right to protest in the first place, and now he’s playing both the victim and the race cards?

    Fuck right off.

    While it’s Colin’s Constitutional right to express his views, it’s also the right of owners, fans and everyone else to judge him for it.

  8. Chris

    Colin Kaepernick is not going to get his chance with the Ravens and it is abundantly clear why. Roger Goodell was there on the dais while Baltimore Ravens’ owner Steve Biscotti gave a rather innocuous explanation about his meeting between himself and the Niners’ former starting quarterback.

    The owners believe Kaepernick is unpatriotic but they repeatedly turned a blind eye to the racist behavior of both Richie Incognito and Riley Cooper who both got a pass for their behavior , with an all too lenient suspension and having to undergo sensitivity training. WTF the fu#k is that meant to be about ? The Baltimore Ravens have since signed David Olson a player who last played football in the Arena League. Meanwhile they still have Ryan Mallet on their roster as a backup to the injured Joe Flacco .

    Kaepernick is unpatriotic ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!! Perhaps the idiot fans out there ought to take note of the money he’s spent ($5 million and counting) to aid military veterans veterans ever since he entered the NFL . Meanwhile we have @ssholes such Darrell Issa denigrating the player and the last I looked the Santa Clara PD behavior towards citizens of color wasn’t all that enlightening. Yet low and behold they want to be respected even by the victims they will at times abuse ? LOL,LOL, LOL !!!!! Issa is about as intelligent as a bucket full of rat excrement and urine mixed with cheese.

  9. I gotta tell ya’, Bleed.

    I’m pretty tired of ESPN rolling out his name every time a team’s starting quarterback goes down with a hangnail.

    In light of Kap’s protests, I’d also like to hear what he’s is doing within his local communities to battle against the injustices he sees within our nation.

    Now that would be a story worth reporting.

  10. Blackballed? This UNR flunky opted out of his San Francisco contract. Did you miss that Anna? He still cudda been playing this year. He’s a Tebow sans religion. I will say though that Tebow was a dominate collegiate player. Nothing of note for the alleged ‘victim’ here.

    Chris, I too am sick of this BS air time Kaepernick and the Russians are getting.

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