Katie Sowers: The Second Full-Time Female Coaching Assistant in NFL History

Does anyone remember Jen Welter? She was a big deal two years ago after she acquired an NFL Coaching position, the first woman to do so. Katie Sowers is about to take what Jen Welter did a little further. And one can only imagine the impact her achievement will have on betting odds. Typically, NFL betting presents a huge opportunity for hardcore bettors.

And you know someone out there is going to make money from Katie Sower becoming a full-time assistant coach in the NFL, the second woman to have this opportunity. Katie’s journey to her current posting wasn’t an easy one.

She had to first complete an NFL Diversity Coaching Fellowship led by the San Francisco 49ers’ Bill Walsh. The 31-year-old completed her internship on Friday, this paving the way for her to become a full-time female assistant coach.

Katie got a chance to work with 49ers athletes during training camp, so she already has an idea of what to expect. The announcement for Katie’s new posting came from her Facebook. The 49ers haven’t yet confirmed the hiring but it’s only a matter of time.

Kathryn Smith was the first to break ground in that area. Rex Ryan brought her onto the Buffalo Bills’ team a couple of months ago; though, when Ryan was fired, the new coach did not keep Kathryn around.

Jen Welter was no more fortunate than Kathryn in that regard. After becoming the first woman with a coaching position in the league, her internship with the cardinals wasn’t renewed when it ended after the team’s third preseason game.

Katie Sowers isn’t downplaying the importance of her position. She knows it’s groundbreaking. However, Katie would prefer it if her role were normalized. She doesn’t want to keep seeing shocked faces every time someone asks her what she does and she reveals the truth to them.

Katie Sowers began her sporting career as a football player. In fact, until last year she was playing football. A hip injury forced her to change course. Katie has held coaching positions before, though that was in women’s football organizations.

Katie’s time as an intern with the Atlanta Falcons last summer prepared her for her position with the 49ers. Shanahan who was the Falcons’ offensive coordinator has admitted to receiving many queries about why he had brought a girl on board.

Shanahan didn’t think his decision was that big of a deal, and as far as he is concerned Katie was a great addition to the team. Shanahan is certain that Katie will add a lot to her new team. Katie hasn’t been shy about how grateful she was that Scott Pioli of the Falcons gave her such a big break last year.

Katie’s encouragement to other ambitious women looking to make it in the NFL is to find someone who believes in their value. It isn’t enough to work hard and to believe in one’s dreams. Katie was truly fortunate to find someone like Scott Pioli who saw her value and gave her the opportunities that best manifested her abilities. Katie believes that it will take more people like Scott to break down gender-based barriers.

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