Paxton Lynch Loses QB Battle to Trevor Siemian

Few people in the NFL are having as terrible a time as Paxton Lynch. The 23-year-old was supposed to be the future of the Broncos. But now it looks like he has lost the Quarterback contest to Trevor Siemian. The team isn’t complaining. The Broncos betting odds for the season look good.

And most people probably agree with the decision Coach Vance Joseph made, though Vance was working really hard to maintain a sense of diplomacy when talking about Paxton Lynch.

Brandon Stokley, a former Broncos Receiver, was the first to get the word out. He said that Vance had selected Trevor Siemian as the clear-cut winner of the battle, which suggests that there had been no real contest between the two.

According to Vance, Trevor’s primary strength was his consistency. Both Paxton and Trevor understood what was expected of them, but only Trevor looked like he had what it took to deliver on expectations on a consistent basis.

There was a good reason to bet on Paxton. But two preseason games proved that he might not be up to the challenge, this while Trevor Siemian looked competent as he guided the Broncos’ offense.

Vance was kind to Paxton and he went so far as to say that the young player had displayed all the right qualities for a starting quarterback. He had the speed, the versatility, and the overall physicality.

However, Trevor exceeded in so many more areas than just the physical components. Not only was he great at ball placement but he showed a capacity to manage the entire offense. That required a level of rapid decision-making that seemed to overwhelm Paxton.

Certainly, there were moments when Paxton exceeded all expectations. But Trevor was the more consistent of the two and, in the eyes of Vance, there was no question that he deserved the job more.

Vance spoke to the pair in the morning and broke the news to them. Paxton understood the decision. Trevor Siemian was more than ready to deal with the responsibilities waiting ahead.

By the time the team meetings ended, everyone was pretty much on the same page. Vance didn’t look like he felt that sorry for Paxton Lynch. The way he sees it, Paxton is a young player which means he has plenty of opportunities to achieve the bright future everyone has predicted for him.

Vance also knows that he is fortunate to have a backup like Paxton because it adds greater redundancy to the team. Few other teams can claim to have such an advantage.

Paxton has ways to go. While his stats are not terrible, anyone that has watched him play can see that he struggles to read defenses. And it isn’t like he didn’t have the opportunity to adapt and to prove himself to Vance.

The summer and the spring where Paxton’s to show his mettle; and he definitely manifested some talent. But he was too raw to be effective in the long run. The Broncos have their sights set on the playoffs in the coming season and Paxton cannot help them achieve their goals.

When John Elway, the general manager handpicked Paxton, it was with the intention of making him the Broncos’ future quarterback. Paxton Lynch came out of college seemingly ready to take Denver by storm. However, he might have to wait a little longer for his star to shine.

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4 Replies to “Paxton Lynch Loses QB Battle to Trevor Siemian”

  1. Good to see Siemian win that out only from the standpoint that he’s a hometown kid. Followed him a bit when he used to play in Orlando but I don’t think he was ever projected as a star, just a smart QB with decent tools. Doubt he holds onto that job next year cause when Lynch matches his mind with that freakin arm, Siemian will have to take a back seat.

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