Trump tells Curry “No Soup for You!”

Eight and a half years ago, our former president, a black man, rolled up his sleeves and filled out his March Madness brackets on ESPN for all to see.  Many were taken aback, wondering a) who the hell cares whether the president has Villanova going past the round of 16 and b) doesn’t he have anything else better to do with his time?

Personally, I didn’t mind it.  After all, if I use sports as a way to take my mind off things, the President of the United States should be able to as well.

Barack Obama was the first president I can recall shooting jump shots on live television.  Regardless of where you stood on politics, if you were a sports fan, you at least enjoyed his flair for the games.  He was one of us, a fan who rejoiced when his teams won and felt heartbreak when they lost.  In other words, he was human.

We have a new president these days, a white man, whose rapport with today’s athlete isn’t quite as cohesive as his predecessor.  His jump shot isn’t as good either.

Less than a year ago, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich voiced his displeasure with President Donald Trump.  Pop’s comments notwithstanding, I accurately predicted our future in the piece.

Here’s what I wrote:

“You may find Pop’s comments inappropriate and they’ll certainly make for interesting conversation the next time the Spurs are invited to the White House after winning an NBA title as championship teams have done in the past.  That policy might change with the upcoming presidency but we shall see.”

Championship teams from all sports, both college and pro, have visited the White House to celebrate their achievements.  This is an American tradition that dates back 150 years.

The Golden State Warriors will be breaking that tradition.

In a nutshell, here’s what happened.  The Warriors decided to have a team meeting and vote whether they wanted to visit the Trump House.  Trump got wind of their reluctance and rescinded the offer.  Ever his own publicist, Trump tweeted “Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team. Stephen Curry is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn!”

To be clear, no one is arguing that going to the White House isn’t an honor.  However, so is being an American and having a voice of dissent.

Clearly, we have come a long way since our president was filling out brackets.

Not only has President Trump cancelled his subscription to NBA TV for a while, he’s losing popularity among NFL circles as well.

We don’t need to rehash Colin Kaepernick’s efforts to draw attention to social injustice in this country.  Trump’s most recent rebuttal called those who exercise their freedoms to protest the national anthem “sons of bitches” that should “be fired.”  If you watched the NFL this Sunday, that would pretty much include the entire league, as well as the billionaire boys club of team owners most of whom probably voted for Trump last November.

The next person to keep their politics out of my sports will receive a laurel and hearty handshake.

These days, athletes have been using their platform in society and voicing their opinions at every turn.  Not so long ago, we criticized high-profiled athletes like Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods for not standing up for a cause.  Back then, there wasn’t all that much to fuss about.  These days, we’re facing racial tensions that resemble a far more troubled time.  The battle between Donald Trump and Steph Curry has become personal.  For the record, Curry is no Kaepernick.  He is a two-time league MVP, leader of the two-time champion Golden State Warriors, and one of the most popular, likeable, marketable athletes in our nation, who is simply exercising his, and his teammates’ rights, to represent their organization the best way they see fit.

Ollie, this is a fine mess you’ve gotten us into.

There’s a line in the deliciously cheesy and inarguably classic sports film, Remember the Titans, where Denzel’s two, star players, one white, one black, both on defense, confront each other about their play.  Their team is playing in recently desegregated 1970s Virginia.  Racial tension is at an apex.

Gary Bertier, the white player, criticizes his teammate, Julius, for his lack of inspired play.  Julius Campbell, the black player, responds by saying three simple words.  Attitude reflects leadership.  Julius had not been giving his all because Bertier had been favoring the white players.  Their confrontation is a turning point in the movie.  From that point on, they decide to work together towards a common goal which results in an undefeated season.  I told you it was cheesy.  It’s a Disney production for goodness sake, based on a true story obviously glorified to make a great film… and a point.

Kaepernick’s kneeling was divisive.  So is Trump’s leadership.  Just like in the movie, until we learn how to understand our differences, these problems will remain with no happy ending.

This Trump-Warriors banter may seem like a childish game (and to be clear, we are talking about games, in more ways than one) but the whole point of inviting sports champions to the White House is to celebrate greatness, not to see who’s got the bigger you know what.

Somewhere along the line, one would think that the Leader of the Free World would be the bigger person than a guy who puts a ball through a hoop for a living.  Instead of understanding where all this dissension is coming from, or creating any sort of dialogue, Trump comes off as the petulant, rich kid on the block who won’t allow anyone to play with his toys, as if anyone wanted to anyway.

Far be it from me to suggest he take the time to roll up his sleeves and figure out why this is all going on in the first place.  Isn’t the that job he signed up for?

If sports, movies and life have taught us anything, it’s that without proper leadership, all we can expect is the same bad attitude.

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25 Replies to “Trump tells Curry “No Soup for You!””

  1. Where the fuck are we to escape to anymore?
    Politics has invaded not only sports, but TV, movies and social media. You can click or watch anything without the salty taste of the beltway BS.

    First off, protest is fine, but so’s the backlash it elicits.
    The falling ratings mean something.
    Alejandro Villanueva’s skyrocketing jersey sales today mean something.

    The flag means something.

    I hate how race is always force fed as the main issue. A fair shake is impossible these days. Every comment is twisted to fit whatever narrative is wanted depending on the news outlets leanings.

    Trump should act more presidential, no question.
    A proof reader for his Tweets would be a good start. As everyone should, Mr. President…”Think before you Tweet”….But for the NFL to take the SOB comment and make it a “your momma” thing is ridiculous.

    With North Korea, Iran, Syria, Russia, China, Venezuela, hurricanes, earthquakes and a debt the size of his ego, he should be focused on bigger things….However, the players, media and knee jerk reactors are just as culpable as the orange guy with the hideous comb over IMO.

    I wish everyone would just grow up and keep sports, sports.

  2. Hey Rev, if you get the chance check out Bob Costa’s idea on how the NFL could better handle the protests. I personally have no problem with players kneeling , but this could be a good compromise.

  3. So Donald Trump wants to call players who show disrespect to the flag “sons of bitches ” ? Still waiting for his (Trump’s) dumb @ss and that of the Veterans Administration to actually begin to do something for the country’s military veterans , rather than hear his constant sound bytes about his admiration for them.

    I guess he won’t oppose the fact the Defense Department will continue to pay the NFL millions annually when the national anthem is played at regular season games ? This President remains goddamn clueless but yet he has an opinion on everything.

    If it’s a privilege to attend the White House and be in the presence of the country’s leader , then why he can’t throw a block party once in a while for the nation’s homeless in the Rose Garden ? I guess that won’t be happening anytime soon !!!!

  4. My problem with the NFL protests is the hypocrisy. The league has no problem with players exercising their freedom of expression by kneeling during the National Anthem; yet the league refuses to allow the Dallas Cowboys to exercise their freedom of expression by honoring the five Dallas police officers who were murdered by a supporter of Black Lives Matter.

    And while we’re on the subject of hypocrisy, let’s talk about the sports media and NFL owners. Most sports pundits believe that Colin Kaepernick does not have a contract because the owners are afraid of fan backlash over the protest; however, yesterday, many of those same owners who have rejected Kaepernick were standing on the field in solidarity with their protesting players. If the media is correct in its presumption, then every single one of those owners needs to offer Kaepernick a contract. On the other hand, the owners will tell you that Kaepernick doesn’t have a contract because he’s a mediocre player at best. If the owners’ presence on the field yesterday proves that they are right and the media just needs to stop making it an issue and accept the fact that Kaepernick does not have a future in the NFL

  5. Beag…

    Allow me to counterpoint on the whole hypocrisy argument.

    Those who are anti-kneel, for lack of a better term, feel such actions are disrespectful, however, the whole point of their kneeling is that they feel it is our rights that are being disrespected.

    See the twist?

    I haven’t heard an anti-Kap or anti-athletes stance yet that hasn’t referred to these athletes are “millionaires” or “spoiled” or “cry-babies.” You get the point.

    What many fail to realize is that these athletes weren’t always wealthy. A fair amount of them grew up broke and most certainly not entitled.

    I don’t think any athlete intends to disrespect the military or the flag by what they’re doing. If anything, they’re expressing the freedom that the military defends and that the flag represents.

  6. Clearly, we are not in agreement here and I know you’ve read my comments on this matter…I’ve been on what non-sense this whole thing has been all the way back to “Hands Up Don’t Shoot.”

    But rather than call you out on call you out on a couple of factual errors in your assertion (because I’ve done that in pieces pre-dating this, so people can go do some homework if they want to see).

    Instead, i’m going to tell you that in a preview of coming attractions, in a few days I’m going to destroy everybody’s assumptions on this matter. See, everybody’s so wrapped up in the “flag/respect” angle they missed a major shift in what this really is all about.

    Stay tuned to for details…

  7. Things indeed might get worse before they get better Chris but after much prodding in his direction, Trump baited all these sports guys and they stupidly bit IMO.

    The backlash has already begun. Ratings are falling weekly and there is a huge grassroots sentiment rising against the “entitled”, “spoiled”, “millionaires that play a game for a living” “protesting” about injustice by choosing to not stand for the anthem of the country that allows them not only the pampered existence they enjoy, but the right to protest in the first place.

    I guarantee you see more people tuning out than tuning in as the NFL’ers and NBA’ers let their hate for Trump blind them to themselves alienating the average American.

    TV’s will click to other channels. Jerseys will sit on shelves. Bumper stickers will be removed. Die hard fans will revolt and boycott. Advertisers will complain.

    Eventually the lost revenue aspect will kick them in the teeth. Much like Target with the bathroom issue or Starbucks with the Muslim / Veteran issue, they will cave…The almighty dollar will decide the winner over time, and I think that winner will be Trump.

  8. Sigh…..

    I used to watch sports just to pontificate how I could have done that if I’d applied myself as a kid. Now I have to listen to everyone’s opinion on race relations while I watch a CB & WR arm wrestle all the way down the field on every pass. I’ll just turn it on at game start & tune out the rest as best I can.

    Nice SNL reference tho, SC. That’s worth the price of admission.

  9. I think Tophat got the DOD contribution info from me and my source, Phil Mushnick of the NYP. Paraphrasing, ” the Department of Defense allotted 5.4 million to NFL clubs to promote patriotism in pregame ceremonies.” …….”Go on take the money and run.”

  10. Chris & Ronbets

    The Defense Dept does pay for that (playing of the national anthem / copyrights being what they are) believing it promotes patriotism and the recruitment drive to join the military. Yet herein lies the question , why the fu#k should a federal agency be paying a private business entity for something that has no bearing on it being a service product which they provide ? Once again this all comes down the NFL being more to do with gleaning as much money as it can , without being socially responsible in it actions. No one seems willing to answer that particular question, but they’d rather wrap themselves up with this ongoing bull#hit of watching this clueless @sshole (Donald Trump) berate players show disdain for their mothers with his comments. Anyone willing to have Trump call or refer to their mother as a son of a bit#h and get away with it ? Let the birds begin to chirp and the mice hide themselves , while an answer is forthcoming .

  11. The NFL seeks compensation for the privilege of playing the national anthem at their regular season games ? How fuc#king hypocritical on their front ? Copyright and residual fees asides , this merely shows the NFL has not one iota of frigging decency within the organization. However , we’re at the time meant to applaud JJ Watt and DeShaun for their fundraising efforts in order to aid the victims of Hurricane Irma.

    Does anyone think it strange that Trump and his administration saw fit to cut funds going to the Dept of Homeland Security the federal agency which also houses FEMA under its wings not long after he entered office but now he’s applauding FEMA for their efforts ? Donald Trump harangues NFL players describing them as sons of bitches , while his own goddamn administration hasn’t achieved anything of note to date ( no defeating ISIS within thirty days of having taken office , or a comprehensive healthcare initiative because even members of his own frigging party have no faith in what he’s seeking to do).

    Last I looked , Trump’s involvement in sports , had him and his idiot buddies within the AFL challenging the dominance of the NFL and as we know that ended badly for the AFL , even if Donald Trump thought that winning a $1 judgment in federal court was a win.

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