The three most common complaints about today’s professional athlete… and why they’re complete bullshit

I listen to a lot of sports talk radio… which is a shame because it’s starting to dull my senses.  Trust me when I tell you I can think of far more entertaining ways to erode brain cells.

Whenever a fan base is upset with its local sports team, you inevitably hear three principle (and awfully tired) complaints about the athletes they employ.  It’s really about time these clowns come up with some new material.

The first complaint from the jilted fan is that teams or players aren’t “giving it their all.”  For the record, nothing could be more insulting to the professional athlete than to accuse him of not trying.  I dare most of these numbskulls to accuse them of such while they’re leg-pressing 500 lbs. at six in the morning while their fat asses are eating leftover Cinnabon.

One upset caller who dialed into local sports talk radio recently was apparently fed up with this year’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Go easy, bro.  It’s Week 6.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.

He accused the Bucs of not playing hard in last Sunday’s blowout loss to the Arizona Cardinals.  I watched the same game.  I’m not too sure I saw a team not trying as much as I saw them absolutely get their asses handed to them.  Down 31-0 early in the second quarter, it’s a little deflating to get amped for the next play.

But they did.  They ended up coming back and making a game of it, even with their starting quarterback sidelined.  The Bucs ended up losing only by five.  They just buried themselves with too big a deficit early.  It happens.

Call me naïve but I’m pretty sure professional athletes aren’t just “cashing checks” as many sports fans would like to believe, calling a radio show from the safety of their cell phone but as Gerald McCoy recently quipped, never brave enough to say that to a man’s face.

Athletes try.  There’s not a benchwarmer in any professional sports league that wouldn’t rather be on the field earning that paycheck.  Furthermore, professional athletes try probably more so than the average joe sitting at his desk, surfing the internet unproductively and waiting for the clock to strike five.

Again, if you don’t like it, don’t watch.  But don’t watch just to bitch.

The second most common criticism of today’s professional athlete is that they make “too much money.”  Heck, I’ve been there too.  The fact that some NBA player I’ve never even heard of makes more than the economy of many Caribbean islands is mind-blowing.

But you know what?  That’s what the market bears for their services.  If you were able to exact an exorbitant fee for the services you provide, wouldn’t you take that to the bank with a smile and buy yourself an island in the process?  Of course, you would.

Sports are about supply and demand. If the Brooklyn Nets can afford to pay Allen Crabbe $20 million a year to score ten points a game without blinking an eye, just imagine how much team owner Mikhail Prokhorov is making.  Fucking guy can probably buy Russia!  The last time I checked, no owner of a professional sports team ever wondered where his next meal was coming from.

Professional athletes make millions because that’s what the market demands.

If you don’t like it, don’t watch.  But don’t watch just to bitch.

The third most common criticism of athletes is that they “play a game” for a living.  This criticism is most commonly heard from the belly-busting, hoagie-eating, armchair quarterback who raves about how good he was at sports back in the day but can barely touch his toes these days without a groan.

Athletes shouldn’t complain about anything because they make a ton of money, drive fancy cars and play a game for a living, as if that in some way absolves them from life problems or their right to do so.

Ask Gordon Hayward, David Johnson, Aaron Rodgers or Odell Beckham, Jr. about the perils of playing these games.  These guys are all in stitches and it’s not because of their fan bases’ sense of humor.  Odell Beckham, Jr. has a broken ankle, Rodgers a broken collarbone, Johnson a broken wrist and Gordon Hayward’s injury was so gruesome on NBA’s opening night (dislocated ankle, fractured tibia) that he had the entire rosters of BOTH teams taking a knee in prayer.

These injuries don’t even take into account the eventual CTE that countless NFL players will ultimately extract from violently beating their heads against each other a thousand times a week.

So yes, they play a game, one they can risk their lives playing.

Again, if you like it, don’t watch.  But don’t watch it just to bitch.

I’m not defending athletes.  They do stupid shit just like the rest of us.  That’s because they’re human.  And while many of them might not be the sharpest knives in the drawer, I’m pretty sure Joe Schmo calling sports talk radio isn’t polishing up his doctorate either.

Maybe it’s about time I stop listening to sports talk radio altogether.  It’ll give me one less reason to bitch.

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16 Replies to “The three most common complaints about today’s professional athlete… and why they’re complete bullshit”

  1. It’s the fans’ right to bitch whether they’re watching the game from the comfort of their home or actually at the game themselves. After-all it’s the fans/ consumers who are putting the money into the athletes’ pockets by way of the money spent.

    I know that this might’ve all now changed , being as Jerry Jones considers the players on the roster his property. Last I looked the Dallas Cowboys weren’t a plantation of slaves all with the name Toby , instead of Kunta Kinte’ . For all of the idiots who might think Jones didn’t overstep his boundaries. Consider the fact he is trying to suggest his stance is about patriotism , but in reality it is all about winning and making money. Jones isn’t being critical of his players when they’ve ran afoul of the law when they’re beating up girlfriend, spouses or even their mothers , but yet somehow he wants his nigg@s on the team , in order to, win , but doesn’t want them on the field if he feels they’re disrespecting the flag ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!!

    Jerry Jones can’t now backtrack from his original statement , just like Mike Ditka’s apology about his comments stating ” there hasn’t been any form of black oppression in America over the last 100 hundred years”.

    When it comes to effort , is it really about the athletes giving up or just the fact the coaching ability wasn’t that good or that of the original strategy ? I’ll leave you to be the judge of that.

  2. #1. “Not giving it their all”…They mail in a couple of plays, we waste a couple hours at work on the internet. Call it a wash.

    #2. “They make too much money”?…There’s no such fucking thing.

    #3. “Play a game for a living”…True, but isn’t life itself a game?

    #4. In my best Homer voice…..Mmmmmmm, Cinnabon.

  3. Well said – I watch to admire their skill. I try not to even delve into their effort, politics, race wars, criminal acts, etc. Naive me, I watch for the entertainment and time I get to mindlessly forget all my daily duties / problems. Keep them coming, SC. I’ll keep reading & responding whether I agree with you or not.

    Have you auditioned for the LeBatard show yet? That show is frustrating to listen to sometimes, but somehow I find myself listening to it most days.

  4. Excerpt from Dylan Hernandez, LA Times Dodger beat writer…..
    “”Now, I hate to break the news to you, but most players would choose money over on-field glory. Baseball isn’t a game for them. It’s a profession.”

    There is mucho truth to his quote.

  5. Agree with the points. Always exceptions to the rule (i.e., Kenny Britt, Jay Cutler {depending on your POV}).

    Average NFL fan doesn’t really put money in an NFL player’s pockets though. The main cash comes from advertising/distribution/viewing rights already locked in. Change the station but players are still getting the cash. Much of the balance from NFL merchandising/licensing but still relatively minor compared to those distr rights.

  6. Al…

    I’d like to see the Bucs turn it around this Sunday in Buffalo. I think they’re perfectly capable of doing so.

    If they crap the bed again, then I guess a lot more sports talk radio callers will be dialing up their cellphones.

  7. Moose…

    I’m perfectly content behind my little laptop however I have delved into the podcast and radio broadcasting arena before.

    Like anything else, it’s fun with the right partner.

  8. Donny C….

    See any Miami Cutler jerseys in the Atlanta stands last Saturday?

    I’m guessing they were few and far between.

    It’ll be a collector’s item one day if he leads you to the playoffs this year.

  9. Chris,

    We all “rag on” Jay Cutler, myself included. With his assets who gets the last laugh?

    1. Financially set for 2 generations.

    2. Trophy wife

    3. A color commentator job when the Dolphins cut him.

    4. Emotional persona of a good poker player.

  10. Playoffs? …Man, We talking bout PLAYOFFS??

    Uh, no.

    Clips spanked the lil kids last night. Blake looked like Kindergarden Cop and Beverly made Lonzo pay for his old man’s verbal diarrhea. I suspect they won’t be the last to do either.

    I’ll be happy if we get close to 40 wins…but i wouldn’t put any money on it. What I really want is for them to compete every night and show enough potential and growth to entice a couple of big fish free agents to come next season (Cough….LBJ & PG….cough).

    Meantime it’s DOYERTIME!
    That Cubs payback was glorious last night.
    We Kike’ they ass.

  11. Ben Simmons?

    Is that the Celtics blogger guy that had that turrible sports talk show that made my eyes bleed?

    If he stays healthy, he’ll be a beast. But again, I wouldn’t put any money on that happening. Might turn out to be LeBron part 2. Him and Embiid have crazy skills but might be Mr. Glass’s nephews. Yes, that was an Unbreakable reference. Probably the most under-rated superhero movie ever…Well, that or Watchmen.

    I’ll go with 40 games because I’m hoping to see him do well. The pre-season game I saw a year or two ago left me wanting to see more from him.

  12. Bets…

    I swear the guy always looks stoned.

    If I weren’t so confident that the NFL frowns upon it’s players smoking weed on the regular, I’d swear the guy is high 24/7.

    Must be the semi-shut eyelids and relatively easy demeanor.

  13. I don’t feel sorry one bit for Maddon, Bleed.

    Rays have problems of their own and this could be a make or break year for his replacement.

    Dodgers-Yanks series? What is this? The 1980s?

    I think you’re right. Ball will be fine. That is once everyone is done having a piece of him.

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