Pick college football winners, win fabulous prizes courtesy of SportsChump!  (Sounds easy, right?)


According to Las Vegas, that’s what the odds of California beating Washington State and Syracuse beating Clemson were in the same night.


That means if they played those two games eighty-seven times, the two teams that won that evening wouldn’t do so again for another six or seven years.

That’s what kind of college football season it’s been so far: unpredictability reigns supreme and no team is safe from upset.

Two weekends ago, four teams in the top ten lost.  Four more teams in the top twenty won by the narrowest of margins.  If ever there were a season where “On Any Given Saturday” rang true, it’s 2017.

We are in late October and, Alabama aside, we have absolutely no idea which four teams will be playing for a national championship.

That’s where you come in.

With just over a month left in this season, I want to see a) which one of my readers is most in tune with the college football season and b) just how difficult it is to predict this sort of thing.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to list in the comments section below the four schools that will selected to this year’s college football playoff.

Simple, right?

Here’s what to do.  List your four teams below in the order you think they will be seeded.  Note: seeding is important as it will also count for a point.  You will receive one point for every team you choose correctly an additional point if you nail their seeding.  As your tie-break, please list the first team left out.

Winner of this absolutely unpredictable college football contest will receive a copy of Gray Levy’s Big and Bright: Deep In The Heart of Texas High School Football.

All entries must be received by noon kickoff Saturday, October 28.

Best of luck!

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11 Replies to “Pick college football winners, win fabulous prizes courtesy of SportsChump!  (Sounds easy, right?)”

  1. Jim McElwain and the Gators are receiving death threats ? LOL,LOL !! Meanwhile , Bill O’Reilly is having the best day ever . Go figure. He’s re signed by Fox News , given a multi-year, multi-million contract. If only Kaepernick could have at least ten women come out of the woodwork and say they were sexually assaulted by him, then perhaps an NFL team might pick him up.

    Kyle Shanahan is not having the best year ever and neither is Jon Lynch as the San Francisco 49ers general manager. What idiot within that organization thought Lynch had the experience to put together a team much less be able to assess talent ?

    Check out the latest piece and let me know what you think . I know you’ve been busy , so at your convenience.

  2. 1. Alabama (13-0)
    2. Penn State (13-0)
    3. Georgia (12-1)
    4. Clemson (12-1)

    First four out
    5. TCU (12-1)
    6. Ohio State (11-2)
    7. Washington (11-2)
    8 Notre Dame (10-2)

  3. IN:

    1 Bama
    2 Penn State
    3 Clemson
    4 Georgia

    5 OSU

    Damn dude, you made this hard by doing this early…injuries and dumbass moves by students make this a true crap shoot.

  4. 1)Bama
    2)Ohio State
    3)Penn State
    I think Georgia will get the shaft.
    He he, and I’m here to defend my honor. This is a tricky one, SC.

  5. Ladies and gentlemen…

    We have a winner.

    With four points, and the only person to get four out of the contest, NATE from March On!

    Congratulations, sir. We have some fine reading materials for you

    Nate had Bama one, Penn State two, Georgia three (and an extra point as their the third seed) and Clemson fourth.

    Not bad pickin’, sir. Happy holidays!

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