Finding The Best Mattress For Athletes



I like working out regularly as it helps me concentrate during the day plus it’s essential to stay fit in this day and age. Therefore, I understand why a good number of people may be looking for the best mattress for athletes. If you’re a runner, CrossFit Enthusiast or weightlifter, a comfortable bed will help in keeping you in shape for future competitions.

So, today, I’ll show you how to look for the most suitable mattress by taking you through my three best models. They are some of the top rated products capable of giving you sufficient rest and support for sore muscles like those of the back and neck. But first, let us look at a typical mistake most athletes make, that you need to avoid.


Firmness Is Not Everything!

While looking for the best rated mattress, look for one that suits your sleeping style, weight and tastes. I feel that most athletes today think that getting a firm mattress is all they need for improved support. Of course, this is not always true because if you’re a side sleeper, such a bed will put a lot of pressure on your shoulders and hips. During the night, you’ll only be tossing and turning.

If you’ve just come from a long run, or an intense gym workout session, sleeping on a firm mattress is not wise at all. It causes too much muscle tension as your core keeps on overcompensating for the increased pressure. Therefore, let’s stop assuming that firm is always good. With that said, take a look at these fantastic mattresses!


1. Bear Mattress

These products use Celliant technology which helps athletes to recover by increasing the flow of the oxygenated blood. It’s a type of innovation found in sheets and clothing materials. Despite this, it still performs the same function in mattresses too!

Other than using Celliant technology, these mattresses are also perfectly comfortable. The main reason is that they come from a family industry which takes time to understand the needs of their customers!


2. The Lull Mattresses

The lull is one of the best-reviewed mattresses for athletes that I’ve come across. It has a memory over latex foam construction that provides additional support. Besides, it also has a ‘springy’ effect because of the presence of latex.

Also, if you have problems tossing and turning, the latex material makes it easier for you. Even so, it does not have any unique construction features for athletes like the Bear mattresses. I chose to include it in this list because of its favorable cost and overall quality.


3. Amerisleep

Amerisleep is another fantastic mattress for all athletes. Like the bear mattresses, they also come with Celliant technology. I prefer these models because of their luxurious comfort which supports all sleeping positions.

As athletes, we all know the importance of getting the right comfort. With proper support, you allow worn-out muscle tissues to relax, repair and grow slowly with no ‘interruptions.’ Apart from that, it assists in keeping your spine properly aligned.

With the above information, I’m sure that you can now look for a cozy mattress with ease. But I should remind you that being an athlete doesn’t mean that you require a firm bed for additional support. Instead, look for a mattress that will assist you in relaxing and alleviating muscle tension. It’s the best gift you can give to your body after intense training.

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