We’ll seeing the we’ll seer

I’m a non-committal sort.  Always have been.  Which is why I am really starting to dig this Tom Brady guy.

Not that Brady is non-committal.  At 40, he’s still at the top of his game.  The man is clearly committed to his craft.  Otherwise he wouldn’t be (among) the best to ever play quarterback in the NFL.

All I mean by him being non-committal is when it comes to giving the media an answer, for example last week when asked about his wounded hand, he sounds a lot like yours truly.

“We’ll see,” you see, is one of my go-to’s.  It’s as solid a maybe as you’re ever gonna get.  When asked if he would play in the AFC Championship game, an absolutely ludicrous question in retrospect, Brady dropped an epic “we’ll see.” The media ran with it hook, line and we’ll seer.

I know I’m about to piss off about 90% of my readers (and ingratiate myself with the other 10%) but I’m really starting to appreciate the way the Patriots handle their business.  You can call it band-wagoning (I’m only pulling for them because I wagered on them – wisely). You can call it relating with my fellow, senior citizen (I’m slightly older) but Brady continues to get it done and piss off the multitude in the process.

Trust me when I tell you I have no dog in this hunt.  I root for one of those other thirty-one teams that has been woefully irrelevant while Brady’s been in office so I consider myself a partial observer.

Here’s how much those outside of New England hate Tom Brady.  When I ask random people who they think will win the Super Bowl, the most common answer I receive is “Hopefully not the Patriots” which tells me they a) they hate the Patriots and everything they represent and b) they inherently think the Patriots will win.

That’s because we’ve seen it all before and know how it’s going to end.

Back in the day when Michael Jordan was running rampant over the NBA, everybody was a Jordan fan, and by everybody, I mean everybody that didn’t hail from a city whose team he destroyed.  I had this one friend, however, who hated Jordan with a passion.  Either he refused to jump on the Chicago Bulls bandwagon the rest of the nation sat so comfortably upon or he genuinely just disliked the guy.

And he always ended up bitter because Jordan always won.

Brady doesn’t always win but it certainly damn seems like it.

Set aside the five Super Bowl rings, soon to be eight (that’s insane!) Super Bowl appearances, super model wife and overall “I could give a fuck” demeanor, the guy has that assassin-like attitude every time he puts on his helmet.  He’s business-like.  He works harder than you and I will ever give him credit for.  DeflateGate jokes aside, his competitive spirit ranks among the greats.  Ladies and gentlemen, you wanted the next Michael Jordan.  He happens to be playing football for the New England Patriots.  Those “Joe Montana is greatest quarterback ever” arguments are quickly losing their steam.

Brady also knows how to work a microphone better than Adele on karaoke night.  His “we’ll see” line couldn’t have been more Belichickian.  When asked about his allegedly ailing hand, Brady channeled his inner SportsChump and gave the answer that perfectly exemplifies everything the tight-lipped, Patriots organization has represented over the last fifteen years.  He might as well have replied “Nunya” and held out his middle finger.  The one on the good hand, of course.

“We’ll see,” you see, is either an answer you give when you don’t feel like giving an answer at all (in my case) or an answer you give when you’re intentionally trying to throw someone off your scent (Brady’s case).

Belichick and Brady are masters of deception, encouraging the media to focus on something (Brady’s hand) while ignoring everything else.  It’s the bait and switch worked to perfection, a subterfuge.  How many pre-AFC Championship Game headlines did you read claiming Brady’s hand was “a bloody mess?”  He wore gloves into the press conference to either conceal an injury or make you think it was worse than it was.

Even SportsCenter, our nation’s source for all things slanted on sports, led a late week broadcast with the news that Patriots’ backup quarterback Brian Hoyer would start against the Jaguars… on the bench.  Har har!

In other words, Jacksonville had already lost the game before they stepped on the field.  Any question they had to answer about Brady’s hand played into their opponent’s, wait for it, hand.  In the battle of wits, the Patriots are a strong one-up against a league that should be playing the same game… but isn’t.

How is it that a league that strives for parity can see the same team reach the Super Bowl eight out of the last seventeen years?   The Patriots will never tell.

There are three schools of thought when it comes to the Pats: those who hate them, of which there are plenty, the homers who love them and think they’re “doing God’s work” and those neutral football fans who appreciate that they’re owning a league that doesn’t want to be owned.

Rest assured, after Brady’s gone, it won’t be long until we start calling quarterbacks the next Brady.  Whether it’s Jared Goff, Carson Wentz or a person that hasn’t been drafted yet, we’ll apply that label just as we called Kobe and LeBron the next Jordan and Spieth and Rory the next Tiger.  Comparisons are unfortunate yet inevitable.

However, just as with Michael and Tiger, there will never be another Tom Brady.  Brady is 40 and to the joy of many, he’ll go away soon.  You’re unlikely to see him in constant insurance ads like you do Peyton Manning or magnetic, back healing ads as you do Brett Favre.  He’ll just fade away into obscurity.

He might even have another Super Bowl ring when he does.  I guess, by next Sunday, we’ll see.

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19 Replies to “We’ll seeing the we’ll seer”

  1. I tend to love the fact, that when Tom Brady’s name frequently appears on the team’s injury list , both Brady and Bill Belichick also become non-committal.

  2. Nice write. I was someone who rooted against MJ because I was tired of the dominance. But in hindsight, I wish I had just enjoyed the greatness I was fortunate to witness. And I now believe he is the greatest player I’ve ever watched. Early on I resented Brady for the same reason. But a few years ago I decided to just enjoy the show and appreciate his technical perfection. As a huge Montana fan, I feel that Brady is allowing me to relive The Comeback Kid’s days.

  3. Pure and simple, Brady’s a badass. Who else can skirt the rules, have the refs eating out of hand, play the way he does and deal with Belichick all while he’s making linemen and receivers play to his strengths without bitching. All he has to do is say anybody want a ring…anybody? He’s crazy good. Enjoy him while he’s around.

  4. Maybe it’s because I live in New England, I can’t understand why everyone hates Tom Brady. I totally get why everyone hates Belichick, but Brady is (almost) always gracious and polite. In case all of his haters haven’t figured it out, there’s no upside for Brady to complain, prognosticate, demean, or reveal anything that would help the competition during interviews. His discipline behind a mic is as precise as it is on the field. I can only assume that people think he’s smug because he won’t originate a salacious soundbite, or something.

    At least Brady says nothing with a smile. Belichick, on the other hand, always looks like he’s flipping you off inside the pocket of that hoodie he stole from a homeless veteran on the coldest day of the year.

  5. Al….

    I get it.

    I’ve watched how the Tampa Bay Lightning have handled releasing information on their injuries this season.

    Callahan out for a while with an “upper body injury.” Hedman out three to six with a “lower body injury.”

    If the league’s not going to demand they release this information and it’s in the team’s best interest to keep things hush hush, then why make it public knowledge?

  6. Lane…

    When I first started grooving on the NBA, the Lakers and Celtics were in the middle of duking it out. Intense rivalries.

    Then came Michael and Dominique who offered something those teams couldn’t, something different.

    I couldn’t relate to either those Lakers or Celtics teams and thus resented them and rooted for the alternative.

    What I later came to realize is that I was shunning some of the best basketball ever played.

    We live… and we learn.

  7. Agreed, Moose.

    Did you catch how much heat came about after that one ref patted Brady on the back post-game?

    Probably not the best move but goodness.

    I mean, as human beings, it is okay to congratulate one another on a job well done, right?

  8. It’s crazy but at the same time what are the various leagues’ rule for releasing the information ? Is there any real consistency ?

    Your thoughts on the fallout at Michigan State after guilty verdict against Dr Larry Nassar ? The university’s President has resigned and now it seems Tom Izzo’s name has come up in the investigation concerning an entire cove up by Athletics Department. If so that’s real sad considering the implications and the heinous actions of Nassar.

  9. “… his inner SportsChump” LOVE IT!
    Great post SC. One of my (many) favorites. Nicely done sir.
    The We’ll Seer’s Mother 🙂

  10. “We’ll see”
    Tom Brady speak for “fuck you”

    Take the last game as an example…

    -Injured throwing hand
    -No Edelman
    -Gronk gets injured
    -Down by 10 in the 4th
    -Wins anyway

    Doubt the GOAT will you?….”We’ll see”

    I wouldn’t say I “root” for the Patriots, but it’s hard not to admire the results, not to mention the lead balls both Brady and Belichick have displayed for the last 18 years.

    Most other dynasties have had a core GROUP of players during their reign. These two have been the only constant. The rest has been a revolving door of castoffs, misfits and unknowns making something of themselves.

    Pulling rabbits out for nearly two decades ain’t luck.

  11. Chris,
    Brady’s more popular than Jesus Christ……wait a minute the late John Lennon said that first(about the Beattes) and what eventually happened to him. Public furor, but they got over it with his back peddling.

    I enjoyed reading this post and concur. Let’s not forgot about the Beantown media.They dissed the greatest hitter of all time(TW) and now some j/off host on one of Boston’s major sports radio station slams Brady’s 5year old daughter on air. He called her an annoying pissant. Oh well maybe she is, but mention it when the mic is off.

  12. Al…

    I think it’s fair to compare the NFL… to Tampa.

    The NFL is an entity so large that it barely knows or understands how to deal with its growth.

    Just like Tampa, the area is growing so quickly that it barely knows how to deal with the necessary infrastructural changes.

    Does that make any sense?

  13. Good luck, Deac.

    I can’t help but think Philly is going to have to put together the perfect game to beat the Pats.

    I’m not saying that’s impossible. I’m just saying I’m betting against it.

  14. I admire Tom Brady for the GOAT he is…but I don’t like him one little bit. And as for that man’s reported diet…dude, eat something you might actually enjoy.

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