Strange Sports around the World

There are many well-known sports that are played and viewed around the world. While mainstream sports like basketball, football and hockey are easily recognizable, there are actually many other unique sports that people play. Despite their peculiar nature, participants in these sports take them very seriously.

Chess Boxing

Introduced in 1992, the sport of chess boxing is a blend of chess and boxing. The sports are not played simultaneously but rather in rounds. Players will participate in a boxing match in the ring and then move to the chessboard for a game. Games consist of several rounds of this type of play. The first appearance of chess boxing actually was part of a comic book. It took over a decade for it to be played. It is now a competitive sport in four different countries: India, Germany, Russia and Great Britain.

Ostrich Racing

There are more forms of racing that are widely followed but ostrich racing is definitely a unique event. Having originated on the African continent, the sports has since made its way to other locations including the United States. Many spectators are shocked to realize that these birds can travel rather quickly at 43 miles per hour. With a long stride of approximately 16 inches, they do make an interesting animal on which to race. The riders sit on the backs of the birds and entice them to scurry around the track.

Underwater Hockey

This sport follows the basic premise of hockey where two teams try to get the puck into the net to score a goal. The sport is also known as Octopush in some locations. The sport has been around since the 80’s and now has its own World Championship competition which first was hosted by Canada. The sport is popular in the countries of Australia, France, Canada, United States, Netherlands, South Africa, New Zealand and Great Britain.

Which one of these strange sports would you like to try? If you don’t think they are for you, you can always choose to be a spectator and watch these unique athletes.

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6 Replies to “Strange Sports around the World”

  1. Underwater Hockey?

    “The sport is popular in the countries of Australia, France, Canada, UNITED STATES, Netherlands, South Africa, New Zealand and Great Britain.”

    Really Anna? Where have I been.? The only underwater sports I’m familiar with are the New England Patriot bettors.

  2. Bets…

    After the check Anna just cut me, you and I are partaking in a little bit of underwater hockey the next time you stroll into town.

    I fully expect you at the ribbon-cutting ceremony when the great state of Florida decides to legalize sports gambling.

    Over/under on that happening?

  3. Chris,

    Careful what u wish for. Any mano a mano business that takes on a third party cuts the player’s piece of the cake. Those big ‘dog prices you feast on will be gouged. Besides, will the states offer any form of credit? NYState instituted off-track betting that eventually went BK. Oh, and all that educational revenue the lotteries were supposed to generate. No a bright prospect.

  4. Chris,

    The NBA wants 1% of every wager taken. LMAO. Oh, that’s not even including Uncle Sam. Currently the excise tax on each wager in the state of NV is one quarter of one %. If states get legalized sports gambling, the black market gets a prep school for their trade.

  5. And what about the NHL, Bets? I’m sure they’ll want their take too.

    I’m guessing things will even out with everyone getting their (un)fair share leaving us poor gamblers to take it on the chin for a wager well sought out.

    Maybe you’re right. Maybe we should just keep it as is.

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