Twitter throws shade at Sean Miller… and deservedly so

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.  Arizona is out of the tournament again, this time losing in the first round to Buffalo.

The University at Buffalo, a mid-major, was the 13-seed.  Arizona, the best team from the Pac-12, was the four.  Arizona was a ten-point favorite.  Buffalo won the basketball game.  It was their first tournament win EVER!

These things don’t happen.  Well, they do.  To Arizona.  This is the third straight season Sean Miller’s Arizona team has lost to a double-digit seed.

Despite all that, this would have been just another March Madness upset were it not for the news that broke late in the season that Arizona’s head coach Sean Miller had, allegedly, paid his players.  Well, not him, but someone somewhere gave Deandre Ayton a healthy sum of money, rumored to be in the six-figure territory, to come play for the Wildcats.

Oh, and there were FBI wiretaps to boot.  Whoops!

The school stood by their man as Sean Miller did his best Rafi Palmeiro, denying the incident ever occurred.  His Wildcats getting blown out by Buffalo was the proverbial icing on a very stale cake.

Let’s just say that Twitter was abuzz after the game.  Since it’s sometimes fun to wallow in the misery of others, especially when they deserve it, I thought I’d share some of more hilarious Tweets from an evening Arizona would rather forget.


Jamal Murphy@Blacketologist

‏This might be worse for Sean Miller than the FBI probe.


Aaron Torres@Aaron_Torres

‏Sean Miller put his career on the line for this?



Man, Buffalo is really making Sean Miller pay.

…too soon?


Dusty Harrah@Dusty_Harrah

‏Smart move by Sean Miller. You can’t vacate tournament wins if you don’t win any tournament games.



You gotta love the fact that Arizona won’t fire Sean Miller for paying players… allegedly… but they’ll sure as shit can him for losing in the first round to Buffalo.


Isaac Ropp@iropp

Sean Miller should get fired twice. Once for paying for players and again for never doing shit with them.


Joe Praino@FixYourLife

The FBI’s punishment for Sean Miller should be making him walk the entire country with a suitcase full of money and refunding everyone’s bracket money that had Arizona in the Final Four. #MarchMadness


Drew Franklin@DrewFranklinKSR

I hope Sean Miller kept enough cash to get an early flight home.


Tim Cowlishaw@TimCowlishaw

Sean Miller after this game: “Any questions on wiretaps?”


Benjamin A. Vorwerk@bvorwerk

The least Arizona could do is take my bracket out for dinner first


Jason Marcum@marcum89

Sean Miller should have paid the rims.



Sean Miller going to prison and Arizona can’t even honor him by beating Buffalo smh


Brian Batt Music Streaming Everywhere@brianbattmusic

I think Sean Miller is bribing the pilot to drop him off in Calgary


Braiden Bell@braiden_bell

The roast of Arizona basketball on Twitter. A March tradition unlike any other.


Ron Gardenhire Stan@spacemnkymafia

The FBI’s like “we can drop the Arizona investigation that was punishment enough”


David. H. Martin@DavidHMartin7

Congratulations to my friend Nate Oats. Who just lead his Buffalo Bulls to a blowout win over a purchased team in Arizona. Sean Miller not only did you get caught by the FBI paying a player $100,000. You just got your ass whooped by a Mac team. Karma is a bitch!!


Ryan Wood@ByRyanWood

I picked Arizona for the Final 4.


My 3 children each picked Buffalo. Because they thought buffalos were cool.


I hate March.

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18 Replies to “Twitter throws shade at Sean Miller… and deservedly so”

  1. Man – you were Johnny on the spot posting this that fast. Do you ever sleep?

  2. I heard the team was going into the masonry business, because they’re so could at putting up bricks.
    I’ll be here all weekend, please tip your bartender and waitresses.
    Goodnight everybody !

  3. On the subject of March Madness, I see visions of you learning the Texas Tech Fight Song for the next karaoke night ?. #WreckemTech

  4. It’s like Sean Miller was on an episode of Hoarders where he spent years shitting into garbage bags and he finally ran out of Febreze.

    In comedy writing, we call that a “call back.”

    You’re welcome.

  5. Tonight, don’t we all think of Chris, and his analytical ability for sports? What on earth is shocking about Virginia Cavaliers loss? You’ll never win an NCAA tournament game if your offense is ranked #351 and you use magical powers to beat Louisville during the last ten seconds.

  6. Chris,
    You, as an underdog player should getta kick outta this from William Hill’s sportsbook here in LV.

    “Worst Bet Of The Night: With Cincinnati up 22 on Nevada, a bettor on William Hill’s InPlay app bet $2,000 on the Bearcats to win. If they did win (they didn’t), it would have paid out — you ready — $26.65”

    Word is he’s a college boy that will soon be defaulting on his student loan.

  7. That one’s gonna leave a mark, Bets.

    I had taken a bath, betting all the wrong dogs to hit on Thurs, Fri and Sat.

    I decided to give it one more try on Sunday. And a good thing I did.

    I hit on Nevada, FSU and Syracuse.

    Perhaps I should buy that kid a drink.

  8. Glad you persevered Chris. Sportsbooks here are in a gala mood. The Millennials(males) are enthralled with laying big favorite moneylines. Single out and parlays. These kids in horse racing jargon are referred to as ‘bridge jumpers”. Betting a lumberyard to win 2X4’s.

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