And the greatest American rock-and-roll band of all time is….

March may be over but the madness, my friends, is just beginning.

For the longest time, I’ve debated over which is the greatest American rock-and-roll act of all time. After all, despite Grammy awards won, albums sold and number one hits compiled, isn’t the greatest band of all time still a purely subjective argument?

This is where you come in.

My good friend over at Dubsism perennially hosts you-vote brackets for things like greatest sports movies and the like so I thought I’d host a friendly bracket where you, my faithful readers, determine the greatest American rock act of all time.

Like post-season, college basketball brackets, all bands will be divided into regions from where their genius was formed: West, South, East and Midwest.

The rules in this contest are simple. No solo acts or duets. That means the greatness of Billy Joel or Hall and Oates will be hereby ignored. Furthermore, bands in this contest will be comprised of all-American members, therefore no Police, Foreigner or Fleetwood Mac. You are allowed to vote as many times as you like and on whichever criteria you see fit: number one hits, longevity, impact on their genre, Hall of Fame induction and of course, your own personal opinion.

I did throw a few R&B and hip-hop acts into the mix because a) all these genres are technically blues-based and b) it’s my contest so I can do what I want.

Bubble bands that didn’t make the cut include Huey Lewis & The News, Motley Crue, Sublime, War, N.W.A., Molly Hatchett, 38 Special, Marshall Tucker Band, Cheap Trick, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Blues Traveler, Doobie Brothers, Phish, Black Keys, Grand Funk Railroad, The Cars and, as you’ll soon see, many others. I can assure you the process in determining who to include in the final 64 was grueling enough so let the debate begin.

You can vote as many times as you like as often as you like. There is no set time frame for when each round will end so be sure to keep tuning in for updates. As the brackets progress, we will finally be that much closer to determining the greatest American band of all time!

Thanks for participating and let the good times roll!

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23 Replies to “And the greatest American rock-and-roll band of all time is….”

  1. Van Halen #1, Metallica #2. The rest don’t really matter.

    Toughest choice for me: Eagles vs RATM….Man, that one hurts.

    If this is “Rock n’ Roll”, why are there R&B, rap groups and…..Alabama?
    Better yet, as Forrest said it…..ALABAMA?!?

  2. Nice try Chump,

    I applaud your effort, but this time believe you came up just a tad short of anything I can really get into. With that being said, there are a few things I’d like to bring to your attention. I went to Arsenio Hall things that make you go hmmm space and in no particular order came up with these. How is it this is a rock contest, yet you have R&B, and funk groups in the mix? a cursory review makes me think about the demographic of your readers…and how many of them know R&B, and funk and actually listen to it versus the rock you refer to? Just curious as to the age of your readership, and have they really even heard of some of these groups? My last, for the sake of time…how does Alabama fit into the mix? Hmmm?

  3. Bleed…

    Including only 16 bands in the West was very difficult. I wanted to put in acts like Sublime, Green Day, War, NWA, Huey Lewis and the Doobies, not to mention Jane’s Addiction, Foo Fighters and Motley Crue but in the end just couldn’t find a place.

    And before you and Mony freak out, Alabama was a last minute addition (for my NASCAR folk). You should both take a look at how many albums that band has sold.

  4. Mony…

    You and I both know that rock and R&B are both blues-bases as I mentioned in the post so why not have ’em on the list?

    I can assure you that the majority of my readers are well-versed in all things musical. After all, you’re one of them.

    And like I mentioned to Bleed, I’m no Alabama fan (neither the band nor the college football team) but look how many albums those fuckers sold.

    An early look at the voting has our R&B bands holding up quite nicely.

    And if they don’t already know who the Staples Singers are, then I’m only here to help.

  5. At least most of those are actually Rock n Roll bands.

    It’s all subjective, but IMO Rock n Roll is Rock n Roll, R&B is R&B, Rap is Rap etc. I think Motley Crue, Sublime, Foo Fighters, Green Day etc fit that description better than The Temptations, Tribe Called Quest or Kool & the Gang….Not that I don’t love those bands too….Just sayin….Whatever, it’s your contest.

  6. And Mony…

    For those readers who don’t think Sly & The Family Stone is rock n roll, why don’t you tell ’em of the time you went to go see him in concert.

    Oh, I haven’t forgotten that story.

  7. It’ll all come out in the wash, Bleed.

    And just to play devil’s advocate, why are those bands you just mentioned in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

    Just sayin’.

  8. Bleed…

    Here’s hoping that Rage is upset enough by the fact that they’re a 16 seed and facing the Eagles in the first round that they reunite with Zach and form a Death To Don Henley Tour.

  9. Definitely some tough choices in this one. Tom Petty is running away with his pairing LOL!
    Still though…no Foo Fighters? ?

  10. LMAO…I’d lto see Rage rage again. Zach was a sick MC. They had such a unique sound….Still stands alone….Shit. Now you got me reminiscing…

    The bands I mentioned came from your prior comment….And I’d put most of them ahead of Smashing Pumpkins, who made your cut…Again, subjective / opinion.

    As far as the Rock n Roll HOF, it’s become the catch all.
    They should just change it to the Music HOF because that’s what it is now.

  11. There are some insanely tough choices in here, but my only quibble is this: Jimi Hendrix was backed Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell, two English musicians. If you need anything else, I’ll be over here stuffing the ballot box for the Grateful Dead.

  12. Did Tom Petty get a walkover? The sympathy vote would put him in the Final Four.

  13. Bleed…

    I listen to Rage in the gym regularly. Increases my workout efficiency by 20% at a minimum.

    As you may remember but probably have forgotten, I went to see Prophets of Rage two years ago when they were touring.

    Holy fuck was it bad ass.

    I’ll have my thoughts on the opening round matchups… and reactions… in the next post.

    This idea has generated some quality conversation… which is exactly what I intended.

    You’re welcome, everyone.

  14. Damnit, Crappy, now that just pisses me off.

    I had no idea that Jimi’s rhythm section came from across the pond. I guess their afros, scarves and frilly shirts were a dead giveaway.

    I may consider a disqualification but it looks like Pearl Jam might just take care of it on their own.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  15. Chump, how long did this poll take you to create? You may have way too much time on your hands…you may need a girlfriend or handywoman or something in your life??

    Actually I’m just enjoying the drama. Keep these posts comin’ hehe

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