And then there were eight…

Upon scouring the internet last week, I realized we live in a country where both Jewel and Kenny G boast two of the top 50 selling albums of all-time.  That revelation was enough to make me scratch my head and ask myself what the fuck are we listening to.

That’s why this contest is so important.  It reminds us that even though a van-residing, guitar-wielding Alaskan and a Weird Al Yankovic look-alike who plays the pan flute (notice I said pan flute and not skin flute) can invade our airwaves and our record charts, rock and roll still exists in our everyday vernacular.  In its various forms, it defines how we grew up as Americans.  Theirs are the sounds we groove to, snap to, work to, work out to, drive to and make love to.  They take us to another place and another time.

Much like these NBA and NHL Playoffs (which I’ll get to in another post, I promise), the cream is rising to the top.  As difficult as these decisions are to make, it’s hard to argue that the bands still in this thing aren’t all outstanding.

Only eight remain, some shocking some not so much.

I think I know who our Final Four will be but I’m going to let you decide.  Ladies and gentlemen, voters of all ages, shapes and sizes, without further ado, I present the next round of voting.

Rock on with your bad selves!

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5 Replies to “And then there were eight…”

  1. And the train kept a rollin’ all night long! All the remaining groups are truly worthy, but there can be only one band left standing to leave the rest to dream on.

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  3. Yo, yo, yo….hol’ up a minute! I respectfully would like to in inject that the bias in this contest…(for fun), is clearly evident. I would argue that your target or participatory group is, perhaps, not as versed in some of the more urban, (R&B), culture of music. Hense, it is difficult for me to put any credence to the eventual outcome, save to say that it is more subjective than objective. However, all that being said, it has been interesting to watch as the finalists have been narrowed down to the current groups.

  4. Mony…

    There was plenty of R&B and hip-hop in the original group of 64.

    A Tribe Called Quest, Kool & The Gang, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, The Roots, The Commodores, Staple Singers, KC and the Sunshine Band, Sly and the Family Stone, Earth Wind and Fire, Isley Brothers, Jackson Five, Ohio Players, Parliament Funkadelic, Temptations and Prince all made the list.

    Is there a band I left off that you felt should have been included?

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