World Cup Contest: Enter Here

I recently received this brand, new super-fancy book from my friendly neighborhood, book supplier… but since it’s about soccer, I thought I’d auction it off to wisest of my soccer readers.

I know you’re out there.  I’m just going to make you prove it.


Here’s the book.  It’s called Encyclopedia Blazertannica and it was co-written by the Men in Blazers, aka Roger Bennett and Michael Davies.

It’s a gorgeous hard cover book… but it’s about soccer which means I’ll never end up reading it.  This is where you come in.

I’ll watch the World Cup and sure, like most Americans, I’m bitter about my country not making the cut.  But that’s not what this is about.  This is about you and your ability to see the future and pick a winner.


All you need to do in the comments section below is tell me a) who you think will win the World Cup b) over whom and c) by what score in the final game.  The closest to picking the winner correctly will walk home with the prize.

As your tie-breaker, I need the winner of the consolation game.

Easy, right?

All entries must be received before the World Cup starts.  To help you out, the World Cup bracket is listed below.  Enjoy… and happy picking!

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13 Replies to “World Cup Contest: Enter Here”

  1. Germany 3-1 Brazil in the final which will make it on aggregate 10-2 and maybe Brazil will finally have a stroke.

    France will win the consolation game.

  2. Soccer?
    Slow down Chris Brown. Maybe just a stern talking to will suffice.

    Colombia over France

    Germany in 3rd

  3. Alrighty, gang, seven entries so far. I have yet to get mine in.

    I still need some info/tiebreakers, etc. from people so listen up.

    Milhouse, TJ and Dubs are good (know how to follow instructions)

    For Bleed, I need a score in the final game.

    For Al, all I have is Brazil as your winner. Over whom, by what score and who wins the consolation game?

    For Manny and Heavy D, I need your winners of the consolation game.

  4. I can follow instruction just fine. Now if I could pick a goddamn team. This coming from the guy who took Germany and the points in 1939.

  5. Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a winner.

    Congratulations to Dr. Milhouse for not only picking the winner, France, and our grand prize but for also having enough sense to actually place a future on them.

    Nicely done, sir. Let me know when you’re swinging by and I’ll have the book for ya’ to enjoy.

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