A guide to betting on the NFL

Refusing to bet on sports you’re not as knowledgeable about can be a missed opportunity, as seen with American football, where there’s plenty of matches being played and just as much value in its respective betting markets. This is only possible once you’ve come to terms with all of the rules of the sport but after taking these steps, you’ll be able to make your own NFL tips with insight and reasoning.

All bookmaker markets are created to reflect the circumstances which can occur within the sport. You’re able to bet on all of these possibilities, so even by looking at your favoured bookie website or app, you can begin to understand how the NFL works. As American football betting markets are a big indication of how the sport functions, we’ve opted to focus on all of the most popular ways of betting on the NFL:

Match Winner and Winning Margin Markets

With similarities to other sports that feature large deficits between the winning team and the losing team, a lot of those who create their own NFL tips will add in a Winning Margin or Handicap to enhance their price. The odds for either side to win in American football betting usually tend to be quite slim if they’re equally matched but this changes drastically when a favourite is up against an underdog.

When the bookmakers are offering a small price on a favourite, you can include a points handicap, where one side must win by at least a specific number of points, or by choosing an even more calculated winning margin. A third option for this is to take the strongest odds through backing the exact Correct Score, where you’ll get odds as high as 100/1 depending on what scoreline you’re predicting.

Special Markets and Price Boosts

It’s possible to find enhanced prices and price boosts for all sports and, while it’s not quite as extensive with American football, there are popular markets that some bookmakers will improve the odds on. There’s also specials which include several favourable markets in one big bet with even stronger odds. These depend on who you’re betting with, but SkyBet Request A Bet is a popular version of this and websites like Team FA use them regularly for their own NFL tips.

Player Markets and Statistics Betting

Betting on the NFL is easier depending on which bookmaker you choose to bet with and some opt to be extremely varied with the markets they offer to their customers. Statistics markets like the total number of points throughout each quarter and for the total number throughout the match feature frequently, with it being a more specific way of predicting an outcome in American football.

If you’re choosing to bet closer to the next NFL match getting underway, you can bet on specific players to score a touchdown or more specified stats on individual players like interceptions thrown, passing touchdowns and passing yards.

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