Casino Games: Sharpen Your Mental Skills

Casino games and online gaming have long fought a negative stigma. However, there are many more positive attributes to online gaming than there are negatives. Most casino games require several skillsets and practicing the strategies to win or perform well in these games can boost other areas of your life as well as sharpen your mind. There are three games specifically that can hone your mental skills as well as boost your confidence, although there are benefits to them all.


Poker is the top choice for building and honing skills in the casino. It’s the only casino game played against other players instead of being played solely against the house. Texas Hold’Em is the most popular poker game, pulling in players from around the world at any given time of day or night.

Poker requires focus, patience, and an ability to be quick in decision making, as well as psychology, as you study the other players and their hands to determine what they may be holding.


Blackjack is played against the dealer and requires mathematical decision making and techniques like card counting to ensure you have a chance at winning. Blackjack has a clear strategy to win, even though the outcome of the cards is more luck based. There is a basic strategy involved with learning whether you should stick or hit. Learning to study the table can be one of the biggest benefits to your blackjack game.

Dice or Craps

While some may consider craps a game of pure luck, throwing dice does have a skill behind it, as well as a strategical element. If you are throwing dice without a throwing strategy, then it is purely a luck based, but learning to throw dice and when you should or shouldn’t throw can use a small bit of strategy. Learning the different betting options and which of these options give you the best chance above others is the one way to play dice with a strategic element.

While the three games above require more skill than luck, some games are much more luck based and give you an opportunity to rest your mind. The following three games are the ones that most people recognize as almost purely luck-based, but they can also be considered games to relieve stress.


Conventional slot machines are purely based on chance. The pull of a lever or the push of a button will lead to a series of symbols, and you win if you match up the symbols. Though it’s luck based, keeping track of how often a winning streak pops up can be a fun way to analyze the odds and hone your skills of focus. There is a trend emerging of skill-based slot machines, which yet to be adopted in mainstream casinos.

Video machines

Video machines have a variety of games available that you can play, offering variety when you may need a break from the other games. Most video machine poker games are luck based with little skill required, though the variety can keep you mentally stimulated. You can also research the different video poker games available and learn what strategies may be involved in these games. Some will be more challenging than others.


Roulette is the easiest and one of the oldest table games. Simply place a little white ball on a wheel and spin if you’re in a live casino. Most roulette wheels give you a 38:1 odds of winning (American roulette) and you can place on single numbers, multiple numbers, specific colors, or any other combination you can imagine. European roulette wheels offer a 37:1 odds of winning, giving you a slightly better edge at winning. You can also play mini roulette online, which offers fewer numbers to bet on.
As long as you are of legal age in your country, all of these casino games are open to you, each offering their own cognitive benefits. Online gaming is a fantastic way to incorporate them into your life with minimum cost – both in terms of time and finances.

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  1. Anna,
    I’m glad you help Chris with the expenses. I enjoy this site and hope it continues its rise in popularity.
    OTOH, I sincerely hope the readers get a second opinion on your info. That dice throwing strategy has me a little confused. Will the vigilant pit bosses allow me to throw change-ups or sliders?

  2. LOL, the submariner Dan Q? The box man would yell “die down”. And don’t think he won’t examine it when it surfaces. Each house has it’s own secret inscription on their dice. Thieves have been known to thrown in their own ‘coolers’.

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