Terry Stotts drops the mic

Portland Trailblazers head coach Terry Stotts had just lost to the Golden State Warriors.  His Trailblazers have reached the Western Conference Finals, far exceeding anyone’s expectations but in today’s NBA, if you want to make your mark, you better be better than the best-ever backcourt or you can pack your bags.  To quote Ricky Bobby, if you ain’t first, you’re last.

In Tuesday’s Game One, Golden State’s historically deadly one-two punch did its thing yet again.  Steph Curry and Klay Thompson combined for 52 points as the duo was launching jumpers from every conceivable spot on the court… and making them.

In the obligatory post-game press conference, a reporter asked the clearly steamed and frustrated Portland head coach about his strategy in covering Steph Curry, referring to how Houston covered him in the series prior.

Poor choice.

Here’s Coach Stotts curt and rather priceless response…

And we wonder why athletes are so truculent with the media.

In the NBA, there is such a thing as inevitability.  Stotts bears the face of a man who is confronting it head on.  I’m not saying this series is over… but this series is over.  At least we’re blessed with a few quality soundbites to bide our time.

No Kevin Durant?  No problem.  The Golden State Warriors are now 28-1 in their last 29 games where Durant does not start.  Similarly, Terry Stotts is now 1-0 against that reporter.  Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum are incredibly talented guards… but they’re not Curry and Thompson.  Terry Stotts knows it.  He does not need to be reminded of it by a guy with a Dictaphone who once played intramural basketball.

Keep at it, Coach Stotts.  Take comfort in the fact that your team never had a chance.  And my money is on you against that reporter any day.

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4 Replies to “Terry Stotts drops the mic”

  1. LOL.
    Stotts sounded like Phil or Pop with the sarcasm there.

    I guess these reporters never heard of the phrase;
    Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.

  2. Bleed…

    I missed it. What the hell happened to Toronto in that 4th quarter? I was out to dinner at a place with no TVs. Sounds like they choked it up, yea?

    Who ya’ got in that series?

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