Sports Betting Basics for Beginners: 3 Pro Tips You Should Know

Wanna bet that you can learn the sports betting basics in no time? Here are 3 pro tips you should know as a beginner sports better.

Are you a newcomer to the sports betting world? If you are, then you’re probably not familiar with how it all works or how to win big. Although you’re a newcomer, if you’re a sports lover, we’re here to tell you that you’re going to do just fine.

But before you start placing your bets, you’ll need to learn some sports betting basics. Knowing the basics and having that beginners luck is a sure way to get you betting and winning like a pro in no time! Are you ready to cash in?

Continue reading below for 3 pro sports betting tips that every beginner should know!

1. Favorite vs Underdog

Now, we’re sure you’ve heard of the terms “favorite” and “underdog” when referring to sports teams. But, do you know how the two terms relate to sports betting? If you don’t, then you’ll need to learn.

An opening is when the oddsmakers release a line on the game. When this happens, they decide which team will be favored and which will be the underdog. As you’re already aware, the favorite is the team favored to win, while the underdog is the team expected to lose.

If the oddsmakers don’t have a favorite vs underdog, then it’s considered a pick game.

2. Placing the Bet

When betting on a favorite vs underdog bet, there are two ways to go about it. You can bet on the game using a spread or on a money line. Oddsmakers also set a total number for points scored.

You can then bet on the points going over or under this set amount. Here’s how they work.


Spreads can be used in any sports bet such as soccer, which can be found on this online casino. However, they’re more common when betting on football and basketball games. On a spread, a favored team will be giving points, while the underdog team receives them.

Here’s how it works: The favorite will need to win by more than the set amount of points for you to win.

If they win by the exact set amount, you get your money back. If you bet on the underdog, then they’ll need to lose by fewer points than the set amount or win the game for you to win the bet. Losing by the exact set amount means getting your money back.


A Moneyline is betting on which team will win and which will lose. You’re taking a bigger money risk betting on the favored team because they’re more likely to win. To win a bet for a favored team, you’ll need to bet twice as much as what you want to win.

If you lose, you lose all of your money. Betting for an underdog means you’ll get double back on what you bet if they win. If they lose, you only lose what you bet.

3. Knowing How Much to Bet

There’s no set amount as to what should be bet or not. A good tip to go by is to not bet anything more than what you can afford to lose. Go into the betting process with a limit already in place.

For example, if you can’t afford to lose more than $100, then set it as your limit. You can place small bets on multiple games and gain money this way without risking the total $100. Remember to keep track of all your bets so you know exactly how much you’re gaining and how much you’re losing.

Understanding Sports Betting Basics

By now, we hope that you have a better understanding of sports betting basics. Keep these 3 tips in mind, and treat it like a business. Track your results, give yourself a budget and stick to it, and learn from past mistakes.

And for more helpful posts on sports, be sure to check back with us frequently!


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