Twitter celebrates the roller-coaster ride that is Jameis Winston

In a first half of football that saw Jameis Winston turn the ball over three times, go down by two touchdowns, then lead his team back only to lose to the Houston Texans, both Twitter and Tampa were abuzz. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a quarterback quite as confounding as the one the Bucs currently have under center. He is an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in far too many turnovers.

While the rest of Tampa Bay awaits whether he’ll be playing here in 2020, one thing is certain. Like him or not, Winston keeps us watching. Cursing… but watching.

Jameis’ play during the very first game of the NFL’s Week 16 meant the world was paying attention to – and Tweeting about – his exploits that were nothing short of a Busch Gardens roller coaster, simultaneously exhilarating and nauseating.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will soon have to decide, if they haven’t already, whether or not to retain the rights to the interception-prone, highly captivating yet highly frustrating Jameis Winston. But before they do that, here are some of the more enjoyable Tweets about a wild Saturday afternoon and the man Buccaneers fans hate to love… and love to hate.


Drew (NTE)@NotTheExpertYT

Jameis Winston is the real life version of how I play Madden


Jimmy Blanco@ColeyMick

Watching Jameis when you don’t give a shit who wins that game is maybe the single most electric experience the NFL has to offer


Andy Holloway@andyholloway

Jameis Winston is the best worst best worst worst best worst best best worst best.



Giving a gun-slinging quarterback like Jameis Winston an all-in-it-to-win-it coach like Bruce Arians is like giving a drug addict a drug dealer as a sponsor.


Ryan Clark@Realrclark25

You gotta love watching Jameis! The unique ability to keep both teams in every single game. Dude legit does not care….. AT ALL!!


Pablo S. Torre@PabloTorre

Jameis plays like he‘s been forced to start himself and the opposing defense on his fantasy team



Jameis Winston was so erratic today, Brett Favre is trending on Twitter.


Tom Fornelli@TomFornelli

Jameis Winston has thrown 11 passes today. Four have been caught by his teammates, three have been caught by the Texans, and four haven’t been caught at all. The man refuses to play favorites.


Gregg Rosenthal@greggrosenthal

This game is so gloriously dumb and beautiful, Jameis’ masterpiece, the culmination of the last 5 years of Bucs football.


Jason Moore@jasonffl

There’s no quicker path to a short lifespan than watching Jameis Winston play in your fantasy championship.


Evil Mike Tomlin@EvilMikeTomlin

If Jameis had to choose his favorite number, I bet he’d pick 6


Andy Holloway@andyholloway

The only player than can get you in a hole this quick is Jameis. The only player than can get you out of it is Jameis.


Scott Hanson@ScottHanson

Jameis is like watching a basketball player who hoists up 35-footers & makes *just* enough of them to avoid being sat.


Mark Agee@MarkAgee

Imaging Jameis Winston in other careers. Like, he runs a daycare where you drop your kid off and at the end of the day he’s either dead or fluent in Chinese, no in between, and it’s 50/50


Ace @ArionNation

If Jameis was a puppy, he’d piss and shit all over your floor daily but he’d also save your life when you nearly choked to death on a pretzel. #GoBucs


Fat Kid Deals@FatKidDeals

Tampa Bay Fans- stay warm in this Jameis Winston Fleece Blanket.

*Shipment might be intercepted



Jameis doing his best Oprah impersonation today “You get a pick! And you get a pick… and YOU get a pick!”


The Dawgzilla@TheDawgzilla

ESPN 30 For 30 Presents: “Fuck It.” The Jameis Winston Story


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6 Replies to “Twitter celebrates the roller-coaster ride that is Jameis Winston”

  1. Winning the game would have been a waste of time. This season, more than ever, 9 or 10 wins isn’t enough to qualify for the playoffs. Jameis has demonstrated that he can contribute enough to make the team win, if the secondary continues to play as well as it has the past five weeks. There was an article about how the Saints will collapse this season. We have every reason to believe that Jameis and the secondary will be good enough to win the division from now on, if it’s true that Drew Brees is retiring. Until then, all of your energy needs to go to worrying that the Lightning games go into overtime, so they keep rising above other NHL teams in the points standings. When will Tampa Bay residents ever stop wasting their energy on thinking about the Buccaneers

  2. Greg…

    There will be very high expectations going into next year. This is a very winnable division. There is no reason the 2020 Buccaneers should not be able to compete.

    That assumes Winston will be their starting quarterback.

  3. “Sometimes the light is shinning on me, other times I can barely see. Lately it occurs to me, what a long strange trip it’s been! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays my friend.

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