Is There Any Stopping The Bucks This Season?

A lot of the talk before the beginning of the NBA season was centered around the LA Lakers and the LA Clippers. But, a team from the Eastern Conference is quickly emerging as one of the leading chances for the NBA Championship this season. The Milwaukee Bucks would have taken confidence from the Toronto Raptors’ achievement from last season, and this year could be all about them.

The Bucks are on a roll as present as they have won eight of their last ten in the NBA. Only the Lakers in the West can claim to have a record better than that, and that has been pivotal in the Bucks’ odds dropping massively on most betting apps on for the NBA title this season. But, could this be their year?

Greek Freak

The Bucks have possibly the best player in the NBA this season within their ranks. Giannis Antetokounmpo has been brilliant throughout the campaign and that has been highlighted by the fact that he is now averaging 29.6 points per game. That average is up nearly ten points from his average between 2013 and 2019. When he is on his game, he is virtually unplayable.

There have been many examples of that this season, but his 41 points and 20 rebounds against the Charlotte Hornets was a fine example of how much of a game-changer the Greek freak is for the Bucks. If he stays fit and remains in this kind of form, then the Bucks would seem destined for the NBA Championship game at the very least.

Best Record In The NBA

The Bucks are quietly going about their business this season, as the media continues to focus on the two Los Angeles teams. Milwaukee are criminally underrated, as they currently have the best record in the NBA this season. They have won 28 homes games, and 25 road games, and have lost just nine times, which is nine fewer than the next best in the East. The Lakers have the best record in the West, and while they have won the same number of road games, they have lost four more times than the Bucks at home this season.

Milwaukee could yet join an exclusive club before the end of the season too, as they could become just the third team to record over 70 wins in one season. However, there won’t be many comparing this Bucks teams to those famous Golden State Warriors and Chicago Bulls outfits. At least, not until they have won the NBA Championship.

Only when the Bucks have won the big title will the comparison be made, and still there will be those that doubt their achievements this season. They will claim that the East is a weaker division, but in truth, it has never been much stronger than it is this season. The Raptors are the reigning champions, and the Bucks have blown them away with their regular-season form.

Why Are The Media Against The Bucks?

The US media don’t seem to be engaged with the Bucks this season, and that is largely down to the fact that their market isn’t huge.

The media were lamenting that the Boston Celtics vs the Los Angeles Lakers was the dream final, but in truth, the Celtics aren’t even the second-best team in the East despite having Kemba Walker.

The main reason for that is because the press wants the biggest possible ratings, and Celtics/Lakers would be solid on that front. But, for basketball fans, the dream final is the Lakers vs the undoubted best in the Eastern Conference- the Bucks.

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4 Replies to “Is There Any Stopping The Bucks This Season?”

  1. I find it timely that they submit this article for approval the night the Bucks go into L.A. and get waxed… but to each their own.

    In other words, the answer is a resounding yes.

  2. I was pulling for the Bucks in the East last season and I will be pulling for them again this one. I am salivating over the possibility of a Lakers/Bucks finals….so we shall see!

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