I Wonder: A Long-Distance Dedication to the Person Who Will Save Us from This All

I picture what he will look like… or she.

I speak, of course, of the person that will emerge to save us from all of this madness.

I wonder whether he or she will be wearing a white lab coat at the time they make their discovery, whether they’ll have coffee breath, messed up hair or a fresh set of eyes. I wonder if it will come to them in the middle of their sleep with them waking up in a cold sweat and shouting “Eureka!”

I wonder whether it will happen by accident, whether it will be discovered by trial and error or through a piecemeal, educated, far more scientific and logical approach to finding a cure.

I wonder where this person grew up, where they went to school and whether their alma mater will rename their entire science department in their honor, as they should.

I wonder whether they will come from a long line of doctors or whether they will be the first in their family with such a degree.

I wonder whether it was this person’s life long goal to have discovered a vaccine, a cure for an ailing humanity.

I wonder if this person ever thought the terms furlough, quarantine and social distancing would become household words and if he or she knows how happy we will all be when they no longer are.

I wonder whether the person will be black, Latin or Asian, Indian or European, male or female, gay or straight and if that’s the case, whether it will someway, somehow help chip away at racial and gender stereotypes.

I wonder if they will commemorate a date of the calendar year after this person on the very day the vaccine was discovered.

I wonder how they will be remembered in history books thirty, fifty, one hundred years down the road and where they’ll rank among the greatest scientists of our time.

I wonder if this person will be soft-spoken or outspoken, choosing to embrace the inevitable media attention that will undoubtedly be cast upon them or whether they’ll shy away from it.

I wonder how rich this person will become or whether some multi-national will end up reaping all the profits.

I wonder how long it will take before Tom Hanks plays this person in the movie.

I wonder how long it will be before someone calls them the Messiah.

I wonder whether this person will be older, someone who has dedicated their entire life to science or whether it will be a young, precocious, able-minded genius.

I wonder whether they will work for a larger corporation and whether that company will take all the glory or give credit where credit is due.

I wonder if the person who eventually gets the credit will be the one who actually discovered the cure.

I wonder if this person grew up thinking they were destined for something special or whether he or she went to work every day thinking nothing more of it, that they just had a job to do and that was it.

I wonder if this person is religious and if so, how much.

I wonder if their partner ever gave them grief for spending too much time in the office. I wonder whether he or she packed a lunch or hit the vending machine for a bag of chips to tide them over.

I wonder whether they ever got to see the light of day for spending too much time in front of a microscope and whether they ever got tired of it, wondering whether or not this was their calling.

I think about how the person, the doctor, the scientist, the man, the woman or perhaps even group of people who save us from all this will ultimately be revered. Want the presidency? You got it. Ruler of the free world? No problem! Book deal? Sign on the dotted. Also, that Nobel Prize should be a no-brainer. They are all ready to etch a name. Our hero would never pay for a meal anywhere ever again never mind be able to walk in public without receiving an embrace and a heartfelt thank you.

In this country, on this planet, in this day and age, we hoist up our heroes upon a pedestal, placing them on an altogether different level. Can you imagine what we’d do to the poor scientist who comes up with the cure?

I wonder if this person even exists.

I hope he or she does. And I sure as hell hope they show their face soon.

We have some unprecedented revering to do.

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2 Replies to “I Wonder: A Long-Distance Dedication to the Person Who Will Save Us from This All”

  1. I wonder if this person, like Jonas Salk who eliminated polio, will give this cure freely to mankind to ensure as many people as possible can be saved.
    Yea, me either. They just don’t make ’em like that anymore.
    Be safe my friend.

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