Houston Texans Acquire Brandin Cooks, but Will It Help?

It looks as though the Houston Texas have been working their socks off with trades here and there for the past 12 months or so. That hasn’t stopped the team from making even more though, and on Thursday, they acquired Brandin Cooks from the Los Angeles Rams. Granted, that will ensure that the space left by the departure of DeAndre Hopkins (who was traded to the Cardinals just a few weeks ago) is filled, but does it really work in favour of the Texas team for the 2021 Super Bowl?

The trade works quite happily in favour of the Rams, as the team entered the off-season with multiple bad contracts. Cooks was one of those, who is just coming off his worst season and is due to receive a huge $47 million over the proceeding four seasons. Not only that, but he is injury-prone, having suffered a large number of concussions in the past. Last season, he suffered two concussions within a 25-day period. In short, he’s pretty much hanging in there where the health of his head is concerned.

It seems as though the decision by the Houston Texans to drop DeAndre Hopkins and then take Cooks from the Rams was a wrong one, considering that they’ve very likely overpaid for the latter. Plus, it’s not likely that the acquisition of David Johnson (who the team got in exchange for Hopkins) will do much to bolster the team’s ability next season.

Can the Texas Make It Through?

Rewind a few years and the answer to this question with Cooks and Johnson being on the team would be a resounding yes. Both men were operating a lot better, with the former coming off a 1,173-yeard season in 2016 and the latter being known as one of the best running backs in the NFL. Yet, that same cannot be said in 2020, with both players having questions marks hanging above their heads.

In the 2019 season, Cooks had a career-low 42 catches and two touchdowns, while Johnson took a back seat to Kenyan Drake in the Cardinal backfield towards the end of the season. The trades don’t really make a lot of sense, at least as far as the Texans looking to advance in an adequate way for the next season. This is even more of a true statement when there are free agents such as Devonta Freeman, who would pose a much better addition to the team.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up Rev. This might not be my year, but I will check it out. Might be fun. CHEERS!

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