New Jersey Leads the Way for Legal US Sports Betting

The United States of America has had an odd relationship with sports betting through history. It’s been the basis of a number of discussions, especially in more recent times. Yet, questions over it were finally put to an end in 2018, when the Supreme Court ruled that sports betting could be made legal throughout all 50 of its states.

Since that time, a total of 11 states have gone on to make sports betting a legal activity within. New Jersey was one of the very first to do this, creating opportunities for citizens to engage in a fun pastime. As it happens, the market for online sportsbooks saw a swift increase, with sites that already ran online sportsbooks eager to extend their options to bettors based within New Jersey.

Various online sportsbooks operating in New Jersey allow users to obtain special offers when they sign up, and this is quite a common practice at online sportsbooks in general. There’s a Betfair promo code at Silentbet that you can claim, for example as well. From this, you’re able to claim additional bonus funds on top of your initial deposit, and they can be used for wagering on any of the sporting events found at the Betfair platform.

Various casinos and racetracks based in New Jersey prior to the ruling on online sports betting, have also taken to opening up online variations of what they offer in their land-based establishments. These include popular locations such as The Meadowlands, Caesars and Hard Rock AC.

Other Features of New Jersey’s Sports Betting Market

It’s not legal for offshore sports betting sites to provide their services to residents of New Jersey, although several of them do offer access. While The Garden State does have a selection of platforms that are fully licensed by NJDGE – the state’s regulatory body – various others do elect to provide sports betting options to New Jersey residents.

If you’re based in New Jersey, then you can easily sign up for an account at a licensed and regulated online sportsbook. That process is a simple one to go through and you can then proceed with making deposits into your account. This allows you to proceed on with making sports bets. Obviously, this is different to entering a land-based establishment, where registration and deposits are not necessary unless making a bet of above $10,000.

All in all, New Jersey is, without a doubt, leading the way for the United States where sports betting is concerned in terms of both online and offline circumstances. Particularly where the online sector is concerned though, many other states, and the US in general, could stand to learn a thing or two from how everything operates there.

For the moment, the other states that have legalised sports betting for their citizens include New Hampshire, New York, Oregon, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Mexico and Indiana, amongst others. Recent bills have also been passed in Washington, Colorado, Tennessee, North Carolina and Washington D.C. Others have introduced new bills, although no moves have been made towards their legalisation. Meanwhile, just three states have yet to look towards legal sports betting – Wisconsin, Utah and Idaho.

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