Why More People Are Choosing Sports Over Gym Workouts

Not many of us are born athletic but we’ve all got a good sense for competition. Humans as we are, we just hate to lose. No matter how much we deny it to ourselves, we lust for victories. Whether they’re professional competitions, contests, or simple games to pass the time, we all have that desire to win. This is why I believe that although some people do not identify themselves as “athletic,” they can still be into sports.

Sports, after all, is a great way to challenge your competitive spirit.

Compared to going to gym or doing HIIT exercises, more and more people are looking into sports activities as an alternative for their workouts. Not everyone enjoys being confined in a closed space and inhaling the smell of other people’s sweat, after all.

There are many advantages to choosing sports as a way to keep fit too. Here are just some of them:

It Is Much More Entertaining

According to https://www.health.com/weight-loss/10-habits-of-people-who-love-to-work-out, there are some people who naturally enjoy working out at a gym because they like breaking a sweat. Many gym goers claim that daily exercise makes them feel more active, productive, and light on their feet. I think if you’re a big fan of exercising, this is something you can relate to as well.

You see, when your body is active, your mind feels a lot clearer and you feel pumped with energy throughout the day. Some people think it’s the contrary and working out would make them feel soggy and heavy but it’s quite the opposite really. A good exercise fuels your brain with more than enough oxygen and helps improve your blood circulation. This makes your mind and body function a lot better overall.

The problem with conventional workouts is that they eventually become dull and boring. When you do the same things everyday (or every other day, depending on your workout schedule), it becomes a routine. While this may not be a problem for people who like routines in the first place, there are many who get exhausted doing the same things over and over again. This often leads them to quit exercising altogether.

Sports, on the other hand, is different. There’s that element of competition so even if the mechanics of the play is basically the same, the need to win will always be there. Also, no two gameplays are exactly the same. There are lots of surprises and happenings when you’re on the floor, especially when you’re playing with other people. This, in a way, make sports a more practical and sustainable choice for people who crave excitement in their everyday exercises.

Most Sports Are Full Body Workouts

When you go to the gym, there is one too many devices you need to get on or use before you can say that you’ve accomplished the workout you need for the day. There’s quite a number of equipment used for different exercises and each of them target different parts of the body. There are devices that target arm muscles, leg muscles, buttocks, back, stomach, thighs, and whatnot. Before you know it, you’re dead tired from using all those things – especially because conventional gym workouts need a lot of repetitions too.

Those who prefer to play sports as an alternative to conventional exercises claim that they enjoy doing the activity because it’s less bothersome and complicated. By simply playing on the court, you get to move almost all of your body’s muscles all at once. When you run, you use your legs. When you bat, your arm muscles are trained. And you don’t even realize it because you’re more focused on playing the game than looking at your muscles flex in the mirror.

Time Flies Much Faster

Let’s face it. An hour of working out in a gym feels like a lifetime. You’re always constantly chasing your breath, counting your number of repetitions, and accomplishing a set of drills. You are so engrossed with counting numbers that time starts to move half its normal speed. Have you ever run on a treadmill at considerable speed? A short 10 minutes feels like an hour with all the numbers on the screen gawking at you.

Meanwhile, those who play sports claim that they hardly feel any time pass after a good game. They could be playing, running back and forth, jumping and skipping for two whole hours and by the end of it, they can still manage to crack jokes and laugh at their mishaps. When you’ve worked out in a gym for that long, I think your muscles would feel like mush already. And the best part is that those who do sports and those who attend the gym regularly burn similar amounts of calories.

Sports just happen to be way more fun.

This is why more and more people are looking into sports clinics for better fitness. They get to meet new friends, enjoy some healthy competition, and still manage to burn a lot of calories in the process. To know more about it, click here.

Anyway, playing sports to keep fit may be something you would want to consider yourself. There are so many variations out there that even if you’re not a highly athletic person, you’ll be able to find something that fits your preferences. Burning fat while having a good time is now possible!



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