Best of the Best: Top 5 Female Golfers and Their Winning Moments

Did your faves make the list? There are many awesome women golfers for sure, but here are our picks for the top female golfers of all time.

The first women’s golf tournament was held in 1811. Since then, a lot has happened in women’s golf.

Remarkable female golfers have come along and forever changed the game. They’ve changed and accomplished so many things in the game of golf.

To appreciate the greatness of these female golfers, you have to see what they’ve accomplished in the last 100 years. You have to see how female golfers what changes they’ve made in golf and how they’ve redefined the game of golf.

Here’s a look at the top 5 female golfers and their winning moments.

  1. Mickey Wright

During the 1950s, Mickey Wright went on a golfing tear, winning 82 LGPA Tour events. She’s only second on the all-time list.

She’s also won 13 Major championships. To top it off, she’s the only female golfer to hold all four major titles at the same time.

These titles were her defining moment.

You may be able to see these defining moments in the future with Peter Faricy trying to create a digital golf platform for fans.

  1. Kathy Whitworth

Kathy Whitworth’s winning moment was being the first woman to earn $1 million on the LGPA tour.

She also won six Major championships and captained the USA inaugural Solheim Cup in 1900.

  1. Betsy Rawls

Betsy Rawls is only second behind the famous Kathy Whitworth in wins. Rawls has 55 career wins.

She was eventually honored with the Bob Jones Award in 1996 for her remarkable service.

Her winning moment was becoming the most respected female golfer in the game. She has multiple winning moments that extend beyond her golf career but as a respected individual.

  1. Juli Inkster 

Juli Inkster’s winning moment was winning the Solheim Cup, having more wins than any other player.

She has also earned over 13 million in career earnings. In addition, she has a professional career that spans over 29 years, showing how consistent she has played the game of golf.

She is now in the World Golf Hall of Fame for her remarkable achievements.

  1. Karrie Webb

Finally, Karrie Webb should not go without being mentioned on this list. She has accomplished much in the female golf. For instance, she holds a career grand slam.

She has also won twice the British Open. She has also had multiple career-defining moments in female golf.

She is one of the most recognized Australian female golfers that has become known as one of the greatest female golfers of all time.

Overall, this list of female golfers shows how they affected the game of golf. It shows their impact on every tournament. They didn’t just have one defining moment, they had many defining moments.

Female Golfers Who Defined Golf

Female golfers have always redefined the game of golf with their remarkable accomplishments. They will continue to define the game of golf with their accomplishments, with how many Majors they win, and many other feats.

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