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Players, fans and interested parties in any sporting endeavor always have a place where they can read or get current information about the game and their most favorite teams. They want to know what the current happenings are, what is going to happen in a short while and so many other different stuff. The game of badminton is not left out in this as different people who are interested in the sport would like to know what is happening.

Badminton is a sport mostly played indoors with the use of a racket and a shuttlecock which is the object that players hit. The shuttlecock may also be called a “birdie”. The game is usually played on a court or lawn. While professional matches are played indoors, causal and leisure games could also be played outdoors.

It was initially played as “Poona” by British Military officers stationed in India in the 19th century but was later exported to England and named for the country estate of the Duke of Beaufort in Gloucestershire. The world governing body for it is the Badminton World Federation (BWF). See this article for more information on this.

Badminton players can sometimes be referred to as shuttlers. This is often true mostly in Asia and particularly in India where they have a sport that is closely related called Ball badminton. It is also a racket sport that looks a lot like badminton but played with a yellow ball rather than shuttlecocks and it has different rules too. In a bid to differentiate the players of each sport, the badminton players are called shuttlers.

For any sport, many different sites exist where you may get information and about them. When you get information from these websites, you can be sure they are reliable and legitimate.

The Best Websites to Get Badminton News

The Badminton World Federation Website

This is the first and foremost website for any shuttler as any news on the sport will usually originate from here. As the governing body for the sport, decisions on championships, matches, rules of the game, players and so on are made here. You will be able to get news and updates about upcoming tournaments and time tables, the price money and also results of the tournaments already played. You also know about events in and around the sport here. Pretty much anything about the sport can be found here. Best of all, you can be sure it is very reliable. You can visit their website:

Badzine Magazine

Billed as the world’s number one badminton webzine, Badzine is the foremost magazine-style source for any information, news, updates, and events on the sport. With different volunteers in several places around the world, they follow the game everywhere and report any news in a very short period so they are not stale but are fresh and updated daily. They also feature player spotlights where they talk about and follow players’ progress. If you are an admirer of a specific player, you may be able to receive updates about that player there.

Continental and National Federations Websites

When you are searching for specific news on different continents and countries, visiting their websites can offer you the information you seek. The continental associations are Badminton Asia, those of Europe, Africa, Pan Am and Oceania. There are also many national federations within the sport. Some of the most popular are those of England, Ireland, India, USA etc. You can find an exhaustive list here. Checking any of their websites will offer you reliable information on the sport especially with regard to the particular region too.

Reddit Badminton

As a fan, if you are looking for a place not only to get news and reports but also to contribute to discussions about the sport, here is the place to be. This is often a lively online forum where fans all over the world discuss anything badminton. If you are not clear about anything, you can ask questions and obtain answers. You can also give answers to other fan’s questions. It is a community for fans to relate. You can learn and get coaching tips from the forum. They also do product reviews so you know which are the best kits to buy.

When you need news and reviews on the sport, or you need a place where they review kits and products like rackets, shoes, shuttlecocks, etc. so that you will be able to make informed decisions when you are purchasing any of these items, this website is an online badminton resource where you can get it all and more. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get all things badminton delivered straight into your inbox.


Getting news and reports about this sport is as easy as checking these different websites and online resources and plenty more that are available. From them, you are sure to get reliable news and updates on tournaments, players, equipment, etc. You also get reviews and player profiling and with them so you can stay up to date all the time.


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