Best ISUP Review – A Guide to Making the Right Choice

ISUP is the abbreviation of the longer form which means inflatable stand up board. These are boards used in standup paddle boarding (SUP), a sport that originated in Hawaii and closely related to surfing.

Surfing in itself is a water sport in which a surfer (wave rider), using a board either by standing, kneeling, or lying on their belly, rides on the surface of a moving wave and this wave carries the rider unto the shore. The kinds of waves that are suitable for surfing are found mostly in the oceans but also may be found in rivers and lakes.

Several differences exist between surfing and SUP and most of these are discussed here. While a surfer utilizes their body including their hands and balance from weight distribution, SUP riders use paddles to move the board. SUP boards are larger, longer, thicker, heavier, and less responsive. This also makes them less maneuverable than surfing boards which are shorter and lighter. As a result of this, SUP boards are used in stable water while surfing boards, which are designed for greater mobility, are used a lot in oceans and fast-moving water bodies. Finally, SUP is great for beginners and families but you need to be more adept to attempt surfing.

In recent times, SUP has grown in popularity and as of the year 2013, it was the indoor activity that had the most participants who were beginners in the United States. SUP is an activity that helps you   exercise while at the same time allowing you have fun. If you are interested in participating in the sport and are looking to get some of the best inflatable standup paddleboard available that are of high-quality and offer optimal performance, then you are welcome to keep reading. We will be looking at some of the best ISUP boards.

A Few Recommendations

Before making your choice, it is important that you understand the technical points or factors to consider before choosing. Since we will not be discussing that in this article, you can read all about it here:

iRocker Cruiser iSUP

The iRocker is a versatile, all-round board for riders. It is a pretty good one for beginners as it is easy to use. The iRocker is made from high-quality PVC, using a technology called drop-stitch. This makes it durable and strong enough to withstand rigorous use and deterioration.

It comes with plenty of features which include; an action mount, a fishing rod holder and a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It also features a three fin system that makes paddling easy and handles that make moving around easy and which children can hang onto.

Other features include D-rings that can be used for extra storage, an optional kayak seat, a high weight tolerance and capacity with good buoyancy. The board is portable as it weighs only 25 pounds and can be easily inflated with a pump that comes with it. Other accessories included in the set are the paddle, a gauge, and a backpack. The iRocker comes with a two-year warranty.

Blackfin Model X

This is one of the most versatile boards and it is made with high-quality materials. It is constructed with a triple-layer composite PVC with a drop-stitch core and carbon fiber rails.

Its key features include a ton of D-rings and action mounts to make it stable, a large cargo area, mounts for seats and fishing racks for those who like to fish.

Blackfin has great customer support, is beginner-friendly and also great for advanced paddlers and families. It is good for use in most kinds of flat water bodies like lakes, marinas, bays, and slow-moving rivers. It can also be used in open oceans and for milder surfing conditions.

The Blackfin is sturdy and rigid. It has a weight capacity of up to 450 lb. They are heavier than other models but this makes them able to hold heavy weights to the extent that a family of four can be loaded on it. Even with this extra weight, it is full of performance with the nose and tail helping in this regard. It is thick and has a wide deck area which is 35” wide.

The package includes a great backpack, a triple action pump, an upgraded full-carbon shaft plus a light nylon blade paddle.

Nixy Newport G3 10.6 All-Around Inflatable SUP

The Nixy Newport is a good board for intermediate and advanced paddlers. It is designed for paddling in different conditions and situations. It is amongst the most maneuverable and playful board but this comes at the expense of some stability. The Newport is made with a dual-layer FUSIONtec technology and is super lightweight with a weight of just 20 lbs. Its carbon fiber rails make it a strong and durable one.

Included accessories are the three-wheel backpack with several compartments where you can keep stuff. It also comes with a triple action and a double chamber pump, removable fins, 3 handles that allow for easy carriage and D-rings for kayak seats as well as for securing the other accessories.

Thurso Surf WaterWalker All-Around ISUP

The WaterWalker has two sizes; 10’6” and 11”. It is an aesthetically pleasing board with its unique graphic design. It is fast, capable, easy to maneuver, and gives a great performance. The WaterWalker comes with a two-wheel backpack with extra zippers for the fins and accessories. It has a velcro paddle holder that is used to secure the board safely when not in use. The WaterWalker has a high-weight capacity.

Isle Pioneer Inflatable SUP

The Isle Pioneer features a great design and an all-round impressive performance. It has an appealing appearance that makes a lot of people fall in love with it. It comes at a weight of 21 lbs. making it lightweight. Isle is designed with a technology called AirTech Fusion Lite process. It has two handles, two bungee sections and extra D-rings which are good for storage, carrying personal items as well as other accessories.

Accessories that come in this pack include a backpack, a leash, a double-action pump and a hybrid travel paddle.

To see some more ISUPs, you can check out these ISUP reviews.


The above listed boards are some of the best ISUPs available. SUP is a good sport for improving strength and balance and if you are looking to begin it, choosing one of the above will serve you well. To make it easy for you, do your research and check out different reviews to ascertain which one will best meet your needs based on experience, preference, or budget.

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