Is John Daly Still Worth Millions?

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John Patrick Daly, or as some would call him “Long John”, is one of the most unconventional country-club players and best professional golfers on the PGA Tour. He has been playing golf since a very young age, beginning when he was 5 years old, in Arkansas, and then moving to Virginia where he and his family had moved. It was here that he won his first club championship in the teenage year of 13. This move made the club ban juniors from playing, as he had won over all the other older people and everyone frowned upon that.

Looks like this did not dismay Daly, because when his family later moved to Louisiana, he took that as a continued opportunity and joined the Jefferson City Country Club to take it up again. Again, he was smitten by success in 1983 where he won the Missouri State Amateur Championship and met with professional golfer Rick Ross who started to coach him and thus began a life-long career in becoming a proper professional golfer and making a career out of it.

One can say that because he started his sports career so young, that he should have accumulated a significant amount of dosh. But you will be surprised to know how much John Daly earnings have depleted over the years due to some of his (and other peoples) slightly unfavorable life-style choices.

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Unlucky in Love

It seems that when it comes to Daly’s relationships, he has had quite the adventurous career in this category, to say the least.

Starting from his first wife, Dale Crafton whom he married when he was 21 years old to his second wife whom he wed in the summer of 1992, and this was Bettye Fulford. Later being charged with third-degree assault for throwing her into a wall at their home in Denver.

After that marriage was over, Daly got hitched to a model named Paulette Dean.  And four years later, they separated.

After that ended, he married again in 2001, to a lady by the name of Sherrie Miller and in 2007, the couple got into a fight at a restaurant in Memphis. She left him after attacking him with a knife.

Recently, there have been rumors circulating that he is dating another model, Anna Cladakis, who may be his fifth wife. No one has said anything conclusive yet.

Divorce is an expensive game, and while we’re not interested in how much each of his cost him, it did significantly impact his overall worth.

According to some reports his career and relationship history, puts him somewhere around 2 million. This online source seems to have the down-low on all the richest people

It is safe to say he is still worth millions, but just.

Daly’s Other Accomplishments

Besides his long-standing career in golfing, Daly has also tapped into other avenues, either by choice or by motivation, not exactly sure about the reasons, but he seems to be a man who likes to try a lot of different things. For sake of argument let’s call him ‘adventurous’.

He has had a career in music and surprisingly enough, he provided the backup vocals to a song sung by the famous Kid Rock, titled “Half Your Age“. In 2010 he released his 2nd music album called I Only Know One Way where he contributed towards 8 of the sound tracks on the entire album. He has done covers of songs by famous musicians such as Bob Dylan. But the second album as he has mentioned in many interviews is about his personal life and his journey until now, what he has been through.

He now has his drink, after his name ‘John Daly’s, Grip It & Sip It’, which seems to be a blend of different flavored ice teas. Find out more about this on the official website here.

All in all, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, he is unconventional and as such, all the adventures he has taken up are of no surprise. What do we have to learn by all of this? Perhaps the obvious thing here is, don’t get married at the drop of a hat? I will have to get back to you on that notion.

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  1. In a nod to John’s musical foray, he should keep in mind another Johns words ” life is what happes while your busy making other plans”.

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