How Bomber Bits Are Different From Other Horse Bit Designs

For many domesticated horses, one of the most essential items that their owners should have is the bit. You can read more about it when you click here. These components are in control of the mullen, rings, cheek pads, and shanks. The bit is one of the pieces that can fit inside your pet’s mouth.

The skull of the horse shows a significant gap that is located between the back and front teeth. The mouthpiece sits within this gap, and it extends from one side to another. The bridle, reins, and bit work together so that the riders can control the horse’s head. When it comes to a well-trained horse, the bit does little pressure, especially if the one applying it is a very skilled rider.

When this part of the bridle is inserted into the equine’s mouth, the rider will provide cues for the horse by applying slight pressure. These pressures will control the equine’s movements and direction. The bit’s selection can be affected by a lot of factors such as the rider’s ability, the style of riding, the level of training of the horse, and its intended overall use.

Common Types Available


The two most common types of bits are the ones that apply pressure directly, and the other is through the process of leverage. The ones that use more weight to the lips and tongue directly are called the snaffle varieties.

Snaffles are made up of a jointed mouthpiece, and it operates similarly to that of a wooden nutcracker toy. The mouthpiece affects the tongue, bars, and the mouth’s roof.

Leveraged ones

Curb varieties are bits that need the shanks to apply pressure on the mouth of the horse, groove, and poll. These mouthpieces are usually solid, and they have a slight arch. The arch is usually called the mullen mouthpiece that provides small relief to the tongue.

How Other Bits Differ

In the market today, you can see a lot of accessories that are made for horses. When it comes to the appliance, there are many options, but you may want to try the classic Bombers. You can check several bomber bits in Australia that may be a great fit for your pet. If you ask what makes a brand different from the others, the following may be the answers you are looking for.

A Bomber brand is in the market for over three decades. It has developed many equestrian products and services that can solve the problems of many horse owners. The other thing that will tell you that you are looking at a good company is it is family-owned. The entire staff is all professionals, and they know the challenges that other riders face.

The right source of bits can give you a customized design that will surely fit your needs. You alone can determine the type of pressure that you want to apply and whether you prefer handcrafted snaffles that will result in an excellent performance.

Concerns for Most Equestrians

If you discovered your pet fighting you while you’re putting the bridle, you might need to know why. You can know more about the bridle here: The resistance may come from a wolf tooth, or another dental problem where the inside of the mouth is too sensitive. Sometimes, the snaffle pushes into a sharp point, making the teeth shift back to the cheeks.

If there are sensitive cheek issues, you should check with the vet for their treatment. Another struggle for many owners is that the bit does not seem to be the right fit for their horses. An improperly fitted appliance will push up the tongue and the corners of the mouth. Another thing is that the components may be too loose where the teeth can bash on them.

Some of the time, the appliance is too small, which results in pinching of the lips. If you are unsure of which type to choose, you can always get help from the professionals. The trainer or vet can help you find the right bridle and other right accessories for your equine friend.

In other occasions, your horse may undergo a lot of changes throughout his life. If this happens and depending on the discipline given to him, look out for its temperament before saddling it. You can periodically check the sizes and types of bits to ensure that they are still the right ones for your pet. Have a safe ride!

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