This… is Chadwick Boseman

Jackie Robinson was one of the most influential baseball players of all time. This is Chadwick Boseman playing Jackie Robinson in the 2013 film “42.”

James Brown was one of the most influential musicians of all time. Only one man could have successfully portrayed him in film. This is Chadwick Boseman getting on his best foot as Mr. Brown, the hardest working man in show business, in the 2014 film “Get On Up.”

Thurgood Marshall was one of the most influential attorneys of all time. This is Chadwick Boseman playing Thurgood Marshall in the 2017 film “Marshall.”

“Black Panther” was the highest grossing Marvel movie without the word “Avengers” in the title. This is Chadwick Boseman as the Black Panther in the 2018 film.

And this is Chadwick Boseman hysterically parodying his Black Panther role on Saturday Night Live that very same year.

We lost Mr. Boseman to colon cancer this weekend, ironically, at the age of 42, the number worn by the Brooklyn Dodger he portrayed in film. It is a great loss.

Thank you sincerely, Mr. Boseman, for the memories.

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6 Replies to “This… is Chadwick Boseman”

  1. May Chadwick’s spirit live on in all of us that were inspired by his extraordinary bravery. Amen

  2. He also passed on Jackie Robinson day, all too eerily ironic. Such a loss. I genuinely shed real tears at hear of his passing. He was a great influence for my youngest, as it was so important for him as a young white boy, a strong black male superhero. Helped continue to shape his love for all people. RIP, hero.

  3. BCole…

    I know you’re spearheading the whole “Falcon for the Next Captain America” campaign.

    Let me know if you need any help with that. Have your people call my people.

  4. I swear, they better get Falcon on the fast track to be the next Cap. He has the shield already, now let’s give these young black fans someone else to look up to!!! Marvel better get on this shizz. Let your people know I will be calling, STAT.

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