Betting on Swedish Trotting and the Andelar, V75, Trav

For any sports betting enthusiast to know about Swedish trotting is not necessarily a new thing. The sport itself has been around for over 200 years and in sports, there is the inevitability of betting on any game in the hopes of winning a bigger pot of money. This is what makes things more challenging and interesting for the organizers, players, and sportspeople on the field, and horse racing and betting have been coupled together since the beginning of time.

With trotting of this nature, the idea remains the same much like any other gambling or betting, where the organizer or agent uses a “tote” methodology, first initiated by Winston Churchill himself to make sure there were fair play and a state-controlled alternative to the illegal kind of sports gambling that was rampant during his reign. If you are a history buff and want to learn more about this, you can read more about this idea origination here.

The idea behind it is to place all the bets into a pool of money, or one pot. Once the winning horse or rider has been decided this pool is them either split into the 1st three winners or one specific winner depending on the race it is for, as they can be various alternatives and variations to the betting to make sure it is fair for all.

When those who are interested have developed an understanding of the way the betting works, and the different types available it makes it easier for them to know how to do it and closer to winning that prize pool knowing which one to bet on and which horse is worth betting on or even how to manage the banks and stakes is vital to any successful end-result.

Below we will touch on this subject and provide some essential information to those who want to become betting aficionados.

How to Bet at A Trotting Game Like A Winner

The simplest and most widely implemented betting type is known as the “Win Bet”. How it works is by selecting the horse that you believe is going to win. One way of doing this is by looking through past races, and seeing which horse had the highest chance of winning and gather some information i.e. do some relevant homework about the riders and the horses before lifting a finger. If the one you chose comes home first, you will of course be the winner.

As easy as it may sound, sometimes things don’t go as planned, so instead of jumping into the deep end and placing all your bets on one mare, it’s advisable to split it into a few different ones. it is inevitable if your choice does not win, but sometimes if it is placed 2nd or third in that specific race there may be a prize pool for that too.

Another thing that can happen to alter the results is the number of players in the game. If there are more runners on the field, chances are the positioning of the stallion will change too. How this works is as below:

  • 4 or fewer runners means there is no place betting
  • If they are anywhere between 5 to 8 runners, this will be the first two bets
  • If there are more than 8 runners then this will become third place

And so on.

You can also keep it more exciting by placing your bets on other aspects available to win big. For instance, single bets which entail betting on one horse and is the most common one played. But on some occasions one can bet on multiple legs or races at one go much like in soccer, you can bet on a few different games before they are played and the results are out. But this takes practice and vital knowledge of the history of similar legs and results.

The other options, such as Andelar till V75 or fixed odds-betting are also available and are just a few of the many varieties offered to those interested in spreading their cash towards multiple opportunities of winning. The V75 is one of the largest pools in this type of race, in the world. It is typically held every Saturday in Sweden and is for various racecourses throughout the region.

Although in this version the betting is typically done on 7 different events, thus making it one of the most popular versions available. The consolation prize is usually paid out to those who won and will normally be divided between 5 to 6 players.

Other Types of Exotic Bets That Can Be Played

There are two more types one can enjoy, these are known as the “Tote Trifecta” and the “Tote Exacta”. These require the player or bettors to choose horses that have the best chance of coming in first and second, which the Trifecta gives them the option of betting on all three, first, second and third place. The possibilities and combinations are much larger on this one and so are the odds, but the rewards are more substantial in comparison to its predecessors.

Well, there you have it. Once the basic information about this world gets in your thumbs it is hard to let it go. As with any type of gambling, be careful not to go into the deep end before you learn how to swim in the shallow end first.

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