Freestanding Basketball Hoops vs Wall Fixed Backboard + Rim

How popular is basketball? 

Although some other sports are reported to have larger followers, basketball is also high up on the list. As reported by a credible source, basketball has over 800 million fans in the world. That is a huge figure, isn’t it? 

Even in places with an astonishing number of other sports lovers, this sport is beginning to gain massive popularity. A place like Ireland is a perfect example. Factors like media publicity contribute to this. For more information on why basketball is gaining massive popularity, you can visit:

For whatever reason you have chosen to play the exciting game of basketball, you need a hoop. The hoop is like the goalpost in soccer.

There are various options you can choose from and that is why this article is here to help you make the right decision.

Precisely, we will be doing a comparison of the freestanding hoop versus the wall fixed option. By the end of this article, you should have a working knowledge of what these options offer, allowing you to make the right choice.

What Is a Freestanding Basketball Hoop?

If you search online, you are likely going to see the word “portable basketball hoop” used frequently. Well, you should not get confused as they are used interchangeably.

As the name suggests, the freestanding or portable basketball hoop is a hoop that can be moved easily from one point to the other. This means that it is not fixated on a spot.

It consists of the rim – where the ball is thrown into, the backboard – the rectangular board that the rim is attached to, the stand, and the base.

What Is a Wall Fixed Basketball Hoop?

This option is fixed. It has a backboard with a rim attached that allows you to fix the hoop to a wall. Although it is fixed, it is not as rigid as the inground basketball hoop. The reason being that it can be mounted virtually anywhere. For instance, there have been reports of kids mounting this option inside their bedrooms. 

What Is an In-ground Basketball Hoop?

This is the conventionally styled basketball hoop. It requires the use of a solid rod fastened to the ground using concrete. Furthermore, the backboard and rim are attached to the well-fixed rod. This option is often seen in parks, open arenas with basketball courts, and other places.

The Comparison of the Freestanding and Wall Fixed Basketball Hoop

Deciding which of these options you want to go for would no doubt be influenced by what they can offer. That is because basketball hoops have some peculiarities attached to them. So using some yardsticks, let us see which is the better option.


By mobility, we mean the ease in transporting your hoop from one point to the other. This might be because you are moving entirely to a new location, or simply want the hoop in a different spot from where it was.

Whatever the reason is, the best option here is the freestanding basketball hoop. This is apparently because it allows you to move the hoop conveniently to a new spot. Some products are even lightweight enough for 2 persons to move the item with helpful wheels to aid the process.

Height Adjustability

If you have different age groups fond of playing the game around you, you may be particular about this feature. On this note, the portable basketball hoop also wins in this regard. This is because many such products allow you to adjust the height to suit the players.


Using the lifespan of the options, the wall fixed basketball hoop with rims are slightly better. First, they usually come with rims that are better built to accommodate harsh weather conditions.

This is because of the possibility of being situated in places that are exposed. However, the same cannot be said about portable hoops. This is because they can be moved to a secure location when they are not in use.

So, in terms of durability, the wall fixed option lasts longer than the in-ground hoop, but not as long as the freestanding hoop.

Athleticism and Formidability

Frankly, professional players do not take many freestanding hoops seriously. They are considered sort of a dummy hoop. This is because they do not allow physically demanding techniques such as dunking as they do not have a very solid base. If you are interested in knowing about physical techniques such as dunking, you can check here.

On the other hand, a wall-fixed backboard hoop on a solid wall will allow for such athletic practice. The situation is even better with a solid in-ground basketball hoop.

Dealing with Stringent Housing Policies

In some locations, the housing association forbids the installation of a basketball hoop. In other places, you need hard-to-get permits from the authorities.

Whatever it is, getting a portable basketball hoop will be immensely helpful. This is because it will not be considered a permanent installation as it can be detached immediately after use or moved to a secure location. In this regard, the freestanding hoop is the better option here.


Should you get a freestanding basketball hoop or wall-fixed hoop?

In light of the brief comparison shared above, you stand a better chance of making the right decision. So, you should critically go over the article and use the information shared therein to make an informed decision.

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