Which Athletic Scholarships Are the Easiest to Get for Men?

Depending on what sport you play, the chances of getting an athletics scholarship will vary. Some athletics programs have a higher scholarship capacity than others, plus there are a variety of other restrictions that might limit you from being accepted. The NCAA determines each sport’s guidelines but knowing these guidelines can help you make an informed decision on which scholarship to pursue.

If you’re looking for the most accessible athletics scholarship that you can get, there are few different factors to consider. These include the team roster’s size, the funding available from your ideal school, how many athletes are competing for the spots, the school’s size, and how many scholarships the NCAA is giving out.

Taking those factors into account, here are the easiest sports to get an athletics scholarship in:

  1. Lacrosse

Lacrosse is one of the easiest sports to get a scholarship in as there are fewer students in the United States who are playing. In recent years there were close to 114,000 boys playing high school lacrosse and 25,500 in college lacrosse. That means that 22% of high school players are going on to play lacrosse in college. That doesn’t mean they are all on a scholarship, although it means that your odds are better of getting one. If you’re interested in learning more about athletic scholarships you can find out everything you need to know at asmscholarships.com.

2. Ice hockey

Hockey is the second easiest athletic scholarship to get as a male. It is more competitive than lacrosse, but not as competitive as almost every other sport. Teams in Division 1 can give out 18 full scholarships, which is a pretty high number compared to other sports. One thing to note about hockey is that international players will come to the U.S. to compete for those spots. That said, with 12.3% of high school players going on to play at the college level, there are still good odds.

3. Track and field

Track and field scholarships are some of the easiest athletics scholarships to get since they don’t have as much competition. Why? Almost all athletes will train in track and field in some form. Soccer and baseball players may also train in speed sprinting or long distance running as a way to better their game. If athletes don’t qualify for a sports scholarship in their chosen sport than they may still have the chance to get a track and field scholarship. Just keep in mind that if you do get a track and field scholarship then you will likely need to play on the college track team.


It’s important to consider that no matter which scholarship you choose to pursue, they are hard to get. There is a ton of competition for the limited number of spots that each school has. If you want to get an athletic scholarship, it’s more important to choose a sport you’re passionate about and good at than to choose one because you think it will be easier. Still, understanding what makes it easier to get an athletic scholarship can help you make your decision and increase your chances of success.

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