Features to Consider in a Baseball Outfield Fence Windscreen

When most of us go to a baseball match, we enjoy the atmosphere and the extreme talents that the professional players portray. But have you ever thought of the logistics behind the entire layout of the baseball field? Have you ever given any thought to why a baseball field needs to have an outfield fence windscreen? Does it only double as an ad for the team’s logo? Furthermore, why it should be of high quality?

In short, a baseball outfield windscreen is specifically installed to act as a barrier from strong winds, a buffer from exterior distractions, and to create a better visual background to increase ball visibility. Learn more about the advantages of a high quality baseball outfield fence windscreen here: https://community.hsbaseballweb.com/topic/is-windscreen-really-needed.

It’s because of all these functions that field coordinators and baseball field landscape architects should consider a few key factors before buying one for installation.

The following factors should be considered when selecting an outfield fence windscreen for a softball or baseball field:


Most commonly used fabric in manufacturing one of these screens are vinyl, polypropylene, polyethylene, and vinyl coated meshes. Both polypropylene and polyethylene are more durable because they are thicker. Although both is of high quality and durability, polyethylene is more affordable.

The only disadvantage of these two materials is that they are only available in limited colors. If you want your polyethylene or polypropylene windscreen to feature your team’s or stadium’s logo then you should hire a company that is equipped with printing on these highly durable fabrics.

Vinyl and vinyl coated mesh are less durable but more affordable.  They are typically much lighter in weight and therefore easier to install as well. It might have to be replaced every other year.

In the end, the fabric used to make the screen will ultimately determine the durability and longevity of the unit. To ensure that your baseball windscreen can endure heavy rain and intense heat, it’s best to pay a few extra dollars for a higher quality fabric.


Make sure that the manufacturers give you some kind of warranty. Windscreens aren’t cheap and when they tear or rip within the first few months, you will need a warranty. High quality windscreens will have at least a 2-year warranty.


Dependent on the location of your baseball field you’ll need a certain amount of privacy. Especially for teams who don’t want spectators or public watching their every move, you’ll have to consider the privacy that the screen offers.

Some windscreens offer almost 96% privacy. One must remember that the less you can see through the screen, the less wind it will allow through. When your windscreen catches too much wind it can billow and even cause damage to the fence.


Chances are, when you are choosing a specific windscreen for a field, that you’ll make the decision as part of an association. Even though there might be disagreements on the budget and color of the screen, it’s certain that everyone will agree that the team’s logo or field’s name needs to be printed on the screen.

If you are considering a fabric in the color of your team, you’ll be limited to a few different types of fabric. It’s therefore important to decide beforehand whether you are going to compromise quality to get the color you want or come to another kind of agreement.  

Some companies only provide customers with the screen itself, whilst others can offer printing as well. If you get both done with one company you’ll most certainly save on the overall costs. Check out this list of the 10 best major league baseball stadiums and how they incorporate color and printing into their outfield fence windscreen designs.


The last factor you need to consider is price and costing. All fabric types, sizes, and designs will range in price. You may have to pay a higher fee for installation and printing costs. Ask a few quotes from different companies to make sure you get the best deal.

If you consider all of the above-mentioned factors, you and your association will be able to choose a baseball outfield fence windscreen that best suits your needs.

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