How To Choose A Bag For Bowling Ball?

Bowling alleys are pretty impressive. You go there with a couple of friends, and you want to have fun. The first time you go there, everything is given to you. The staff gives you a pair of shoes, and you can use the balls in the building. 

Everyone knows the first experience is like a blissful moment ingrained in their memory. When you start to play, every ball you throw is a strike. You start feeling like a winner, and the screen on top of the lane goes crazy. All your friends hype you up, and you all want to apply to a tournament and try your luck.

That’s when you start getting into the sport. Suddenly, the shoes they gave you over the counter aren’t going to make it. It’s time to get your own pair that will never slip. The same thing is true about the balls. In essence, you find out that you need many more things than you previously thought. And in order to keep all the things in one spot, you need a bag.

How to pick a bag?

This is the question that every aspiring bowler has in their mind. Since bags come in a wide array of sizes, the first thing you’re supposed to pay attention to is the number of balls you have. It doesn’t make any sense to get the biggest bag on the market if you only have one ball. 

The same thing is true in the reverse scenario. Instead, opt for something that covers your needs. You can find single ball bags if you want something just for yourself, all the way up to something that can cover an entire family’s needs.  

The transportation

Surprisingly, bowling equipment is quite heavy. If you need to carry it for a long-distance, you might be doing some harm. First of all, a lot of weight on a single side of the body puts a lot of strain on your spine. It also makes your muscles tired. 

That’s especially true if you’re carrying the equipment for your entire family. Even people who’re in shape can’t handle a farmer’s carry for more than a minute or two. Your forearms will start to burn, and lactic acid will start to build up in your traps. 

This is a nightmare if you’re supposed to compete. Your brain will be sending out signals to the muscles, but they won’t respond as they should. When you pick out a bag, make sure you pay attention to the details. Nowadays, some models have wheels, and they look like suitcases. 

If you have to walk long distances, this alternative might be a bit pricey at first, but it will definitely pay off in the long term. Your results will thank you for the decision.  Click on this link for more info.

What should you bring with you?

Accessories are a vital part of your game. If you have kids, it would be wise to bring some coloring books, so they have something to do in the meantime. A bottle of water is always a necessity, especially if you’re going to spend a long time in the alley. 

A great substitute for water is a sports drink with added electrolytes. Most people don’t realize it, but bowling burns calories. You sweat and burn fat while having fun at the same time. In times when you’re competing, the sheer stress makes your body go into overdrive, and having a sports drink will make up for the lost electrolytes. 

Some checklists add a towel into the mix. That’s a great idea too. The ball can get dirty, and you can clean it up best with a microfiber cloth. If you don’t do that, the oil on the ball can make it spin or slip out from the way you intended. 

Grip tape is an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to play in a tournament. It’s an essential part since it helps the thumb come out of the hole, and it also prevents premature slip outs. Another great piece of equipment is a skin patch. If you’re going to your first competition without a skin patch, you’re in for a hell of a day. 

Too much gripping will cause blisters on your fingers. The more experienced players have already gone through your pain, and their fingers are already used to the pressure. Any newbie has experience playing against them. You can eliminate their advantage by bringing a skin patch that saves your raw skin from spots and blisters. Follow this link for more info

Wrist support straps have been gaining momentum these last few years too. Their primary purpose is to help the main hand from collapsing or tilting at the time you release the ball. If you haven’t used it before, it likely won’t help you out when it matters. Many professional athletes say that we never rise to the occasion and that we always fall back to our training. 

It would be best if you remembered that before every competition. Your results are directly impacted by the effort you invest in the training period. If you haven’t used a piece of equipment in the weeks leading up to a challenge, then it’s not wise to do so at a time when everyone’s watching. 

Also, be careful with your footwear. If you feel as if they don’t slide as they need to, you can apply some powder. The key behind bowling success lies in the perfect slide. Additionally, if you feel that the shoe is sticking to the floor unnaturally, you can brush it in the sole, which will help you out immensely. 

Finally, remember to have fun with your bag selection. Its main purpose should be to serve as a thing you carry your equipment in. If you want it to be flashy, then pick a quirky design. You have the freedom to express yourself and have a blast when you walk to the alley. You can never go wrong with a bag that your kids pick out since that will make them happy and want to spend more time at the alley. 

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