6 Fun Facts about the Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls are hands down one of the most famous basketball teams in the world thanks to players such as Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and the fact that the team went on to win six championships. Nevertheless, even true fans can miss on some of the most interesting and fun facts of this team. Despite being founded in 1966, this team has a remarkable history worth knowing.

1. First Time In The Playoffs

The Chicago Bulls are known for being one of the first and only teams to have reached the playoffs within their first season. Just as they had started playing initially, within their first season, they were so successful that they managed to get to the finals on their first attempt.

2. The Bulls Weren’t The First Chicago Team

While they do represent Chicago, the Bulls weren’t the first team here. Actually Chicago was known before for the Sags and the Packers-Zephyrs, and it was until 1966 that the Bulls were founded.They are considered to be the third NBA franchise in Chicago.

3. 70 Games In One Season

The Bulls were actually known for being one of the teams that won over 70 games in a single season. It is an incredible remarkable fact about them given that this shows their dedication and also how good of a team they are.

4. Never Lost A Final

Although it was a long time ago that the Bulls reached the playoff finals, the time that they did, they never lost a single game. It is one of the most interesting facts that fans know about the Bulls. Actually, knowing information on statistics, based on previous history of the team is a great asset to have whenever you are gambling. Some of the most entertaining experiences when it comes to watching NBA playoffs is betting on the games. Some of the best sites to do so, are not even in Gamstop, and you could choose numerous games to be entertained with.

5. Two Number One Picks

If there is something that NBA fans know is that having the opportunity of having a first pick on the players was of great advantage. The Chicago Bulls have actually had two times the opportunity to have number one picks. Within this choosing opportunity, the team welcomed Elton Brand and Derrick Rose.

6. Jordan Was the NBA’s Rookie of the Year

Although Jordan didn’t immediately get his successful career after being awarded with the Rookie of the Year Award in 1985, this marked the beginning of a great player. Even while being the Rookie of the Year, the Bulls still lost in the playoffs only within the initial three years in the career of Jordan. Having won this award was due to his wins on 14 consecutive games during the playoffs. His performance was definitely outstanding, and he was already beginning to catch people’s eye for his numerous talents.

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