Bulletin Board material and Coach’s daughters Tweets: Inspiration comes from the strangest places

I’ve long contended that someone should invent a breathalyzer for laptops and cell phones.  That way people could sober up before blathering all over the internet.

I mean, they have them for automobiles.  If you have a lengthy record of drinking and driving, they can install a breathalyzer in your car to ensure you’re sober before turning on your ignition.  Had a few pops and your engine won’t start.

Well, they need one of those contraptions for other electronic devices so that people don’t activate their social media card and blurt out things they’ll eventually regret.

Our latest adventure of electronic freedom of speech gone bad stars Alabama head coach Nick Saban’s daughter, whose ill-advised tweets before daddy’s big game made all the headlines and ruffled a few feathers in the process.  Suddenly, her dad is the one who needs that drink.

College football somehow made it through the season.  Kudos to all those involved, from administrators to coaches to players to fans.  While it once seemed (thanks to COVID) that the season wasn’t going to happen at all, they persisted, certainly with some bumps in the road, a few game cancellations and plenty of disapproval.  This Monday night we finally have the two teams that will play for a national championship.  It should come as no surprise that those two teams are Alabama and Ohio State.

Despite critics clamoring that the Buckeyes didn’t belong because they played fewer games than most, they proved their mettle by dismantling a Clemson team that many people thought belonged in their place.  In fact, even Clemson coach Dabo Swinney didn’t think Ohio State belonged in the mix, ranking them 11th in his coach’s poll submission.  That was all the bulletin board material the Ohio State locker room needed as they handily beat Clemson 49-28.  Whoops!

Now another college football figurine is talking trash against the Buckeyes.  Clearly, she hasn’t learned not to poke the bear.

In response to news that the national title game could potentially be postponed due to the virus, the coaches’ daughter did something she’ll probably regret.  She shoved aside that cell phone’s breathalyzer and questioned Ohio State’s tactics.

It looks like daddy’s gonna be a little upset at the next family gathering.

She has since apologized and deleted both the Tweet and her account.  Yea, breathalyzers.

Listen, we’ve all said and done things we shouldn’t have but we’re also not a direct descendent of the most famous college football coach in America.  This is clearly an example of Saban’s daughter perhaps being a little too proud of her father’s program.  But there is always a call for better judgment when it comes to putting that cellphone away, especially in the middle of a pandemic, especially when you’re uneducated in these matters, especially when it angers an entire fan base and perhaps even motivates an opponent.  Not that Ohio State needed any more bulletin board material, it’s already pretty full.  But shutting up Bama, and its prodigal daughter, would be icing on the cake to an assuredly memorable season.

The invent of social media, and every American’s access to it, has ensured we have taken one giant step closer to Idiocracy as our nation burns to the ground.  At least we have a pretty good football game to watch while it does.

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6 Replies to “Bulletin Board material and Coach’s daughters Tweets: Inspiration comes from the strangest places”

  1. There is a lot to criticize about the internet, but this blog ain’t one of them. Cheers!

  2. Nicely done, MJ.

    Frightening team Satan put together once again.

    Enjoy it while it lasts.

    See ya’ in the SEC title game next year. Next time, we won’t go so easy on ya’.

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