US Sports Betting on the Rise

Sports betting in the US is on fire right now. Here you can check out the most popular US sports to bet on and the fastest payment methods!

Online Sportsbooks Thriving in the US

In the US, fans are spoiled for choice when it comes to sports betting opportunities. From the NFL and NBA to the MLB and NHL, fans can bet with online sportsbooks on MMA, boxing, motor racing, horse racing, soccer, eSports, and many other competitive pursuits. And there’s no better time to engage with betting sites, considering how spending time at home is still required by many of the fans out there.

Sports Betting Legislation Change in the US

Obviously, the industry has benefited from sports continuing to operate during the global pandemic. While many fans have been forced to stay at home, unable to attend in stadiums, this means that they end up watching on TV at home, where they can bet via Wi-Fi. Moving forward, the industry is expecting some big changes in law. One such example is the emergence of another state where sports betting will be legalized.

In March 2021, it was revealed that Wyoming voted to legalize the state’s sports betting bill a day after it looked like the bill didn’t stand a chance of winning. According to the Wyoming Gaming Commission, it’s estimated that the legalization of sports betting will potentially generate $449 million worth of bets on an annual basis. As for the opening date, it’s speculated that online sports betting services could be made as of September 2021.

What’s interesting about the legalization in Wyoming is that the gaming commission intends to charge licensed operators $100,000 for a five-year license. Following this, an operator would be expected to pay $50,000 to renew the license. In the interest of wellbeing, the gaming commission has also revealed that the first $300,000 worth of revenue generated from the state’s 10% tax each year will be diverted to support the treatment of gambling addiction.

The Most Popular US Sports to Bet on

When checking out US sports betting odds, there are some sports that are more popular than others. Obviously, consistency goes a long way and a busy schedule of action as often what still is loyalty among users. Having said that, there can be room for betting opportunities to be pursued by the less active sports.

  • Basketball – Whether you prefer the NBA or college hoops, it’s possible to find games being played on a daily basis. The schedule is pretty much constant and there are always options to consider from the regular season and right through the play-offs within the major competitions;
  • Baseball – As with basketball, there are thousands of games each year in baseball when counting college as well as the major and minor leagues. The money line is the simplest way to bet, the strong gains can be made by winning via spread betting;
  • Football – College football is extremely popular among bettors and helps to prop up a market in which the NFL isn’t played every day of the week.</li>

US Betting Payment Options

American bettors can choose from some of the fastest payment methods when it comes to funding their accounts with online sportsbooks and casino sites. As you can see from the link provided, the fastest paying online casinos are those which offer a combination of credit cards, eWallets, and cryptocurrencies. Each method has differing merits based on the circumstances of usage. Therefore, it’s smartest to learn those merits and then deposit or withdraw funds based on your requirements.

Before you ever bet, you need to have a suitable deposit method set up in advance. When it comes to eWallets, you need to check for US compliance with the sports betting site that’s legally licensed to operate in your state. In some cases, it might be your PayPal or NETELLER particular gaming site. However, you could find a suitable alternative.

Despite the emergence of web-based payment methods, the credit card remains incredibly popular for transferring money online. As such VISA, American Express, or MasterCard could be your ticket to effectively depositing in USD with a legal sports betting site in the US. With crypto payments searching in the usage, you might even get a deposit in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dogecoin.

When considering the speed of payment methods in the US, it helps to segment the usage based on whether the user is intending to deposit or withdraw funds with a gaming operator. On the basis of making a deposit, a few options are as convenient as transferring funds via a credit card. This is because the money goes straight to your account and there are no middlemen involved. You and also avoid the transaction fees that would be applied by an eWallet.

However, eWallets can be tremendously useful for speeding up the withdrawal process. While it can take a few days to receive winnings to your bank account or credit card, this can happen in May minutes by using an eWallet. For some reason, the marketplace is not yet capable of transmitting quick payments between gaming operators and traditional financial sources. Even cryptocurrencies can provide a quicker route to getting winnings.

The Next Generation of Sports Betting

In the US, there have been key developments to shape the sports betting industry. With fantasy sports now played by an estimated 19% of Americans each year, the industry-leading platforms such as Fan Duel provide an opportunity for users to pay to play and then receive winnings if they do well. Despite sounding like gambling, fantasy sports have not been treated as such because the winnings are treated as prizes.

However, the close resemblance of fantasy sports to gambling means that major investors such as Rupert Murdoch are seeking to acquire stakes in the likes of Fan Duel. If this comes to pass, then we could see a further rise in participation in fantasy sports. In fact, there could even be an integration of fantasy sports on licensed betting platforms.

Speaking of betting platforms, these have branched out by beginning to offer odds on eSports. By the end of 2020, it was estimated that nearly 500,000,000 people across the world have viewed eSports at one time or another. Of those, approximately 25 million have been reported as living in the US. With young people more likely to play video games, they could grow up and help eSports to establish a future position among the most popular sports to bet on in the US.

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