Upcoming Sports Evening To Look Forward To This Summer

The sporting calendar over the past year or so has been heavily affected by the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 with many events being behind closed doors, postponed or even worst cancelled. This has meant that many sporting events companies have had to cram them in this year, which has been to the benefit of sports fans as we are now able to see all the best events squeezed into one calendar year so we though we’d look at some of the best events this year due to take place this summer.

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One event which was cancelled last year due to the global pandemic was that of the Euros, which has meant that football fans have had to wait three years since the last major international tournament. The tournament is currently underway and due to the wait for the tournament this year, there are many nations that believe they have a chance of winning the Euros including France, England, Italy, and Belgium who have all started the tournament impressively and we believe that one of these four will be the winner.

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Another event in which sports fans are always looking forward to each year is that of the NBA play-offs, and it is no different this year. In fact, this year might be more exciting as there isn’t a clear stand out favourite on who is going to win the playoffs come the end of July, making it that much more exciting. There are several teams including the Brooklyn Nets, Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns who all believe that they are in with a chance, but who is going to come out on top?

And finally, the last event that we are certainly looking forward to this summer is to see the trilogy fight between WBC Heavyweight Champion of the world Tyson Fury take on rival Deontay Wilder in which Wilder is looking for revenge. Both men haven’t fought since February 2020 when Fury knocked out Wilder in the 7th round but Wilder believes that he’s bringing something different this time, and boxing fans certainly cannot wait to find out if this is true.

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  1. Never mind that two years ago, I read one of the most retarded comments ever. Who was it who wrote that “the Lightning are the NHL team that it’s hardest to be a fan of”? Being a Lightning fan is 200 percent better than being a fan of Toronto and Fort Lauderdale (apparently not better than Washington, because Washington fans are 200 percent dazzled by the one Stanley Cup victory and one World Series victory). How could you not mention the fact that this summer, the Tampa Bay Lightning are entering the ranks of the glory years from Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, Edmonton Oilers.

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