The important research you should carry out before betting on college football

College football isn’t nearly as popular with casual sports fans as the NFL in terms of viewing figures and wagers placed on the match. That’s not always the case with avid fans of American football. Those with a real passion for the sport love to keep track of the college football results, fixtures, form and standout names.

Doing so gives them a head-start on other fans as well as the traders at major sports betting sites as they know how games should pan out, the players to watch, rivalries to be aware of and how a rising star will cope with the demands of playing in the NFL when they eventually make the step up in grade.

College football enthusiasts often use their expert knowledge to place bets with the aim of beating the bookies and earning a profit from their passion. Watching college football live on TV is great but earning cash as you view it is something special. Making a profit on any sport is no mean feat, of course, and bettors must tread carefully when deciding to take on the traders. They must do their research and ensure they have all the information they need to make an informed and well thought out wager.

Below are some of the points you should research before betting on college football.

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The stats are often very reliable when it comes to college football. Some teams competing at this level seem to prefer playing against certain opposition or at venues. Some players reserve their best performances for a home stadium or a game that is shown live. The added attention helps get the most out of them while others perform better in lowkey games, shrinking under the spotlight of live coverage and the pressures of the big occasion.

When approaching a college football fixture, your first research should be to check the head-to-head stats and look for any relevant trends and patterns. Has previous matches between two rivals been high-scoring or nervy affairs. Has the favourite covered the handicap with ease, or is the underdog always competitive? Knowing this information is understanding how to spot a good bet.

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Form and location

It’s then time to check the form of both teams in a game. Ideally, you want to find a team on strong winning form playing a side on a losing streak with the team low on confidence. Sometimes you can get lucky, but more often, there’s a bit more work required on this front when researching.

Some teams play better at home while others perform best on the road, free from the crushing expectations of their support. At college football level, some venues are rowdier than others, with the fans creating an intimidating atmosphere for the visitors. The players aren’t yet professionals, and some can’t deal with those surroundings. Home team advantage is stronger in college football than in the NFL. 

Injury news and rumours

You should always know the team news when betting, as certain players included in the squad or missing through injury could make a huge difference to your bets. Read up on the injury news at both teams and check for any stars who will be posted missing come game time. If there’s a sickness in the camp, it could also leave the coach with limited options when it comes to selections.

The internet is crammed with gossip and speculation, usually from team bloggers. Most of it can’t be taken seriously, especially when it comes to trades, but some snippets of info are worth knowing. The danger is you can never be sure of the source of this information. Is it a fan on his laptop or a club insider spilling the beans? That’s up to you to decide, but it’s often obvious which blogs are reliable.

Get best odds

When betting on college football, you want to ensure you are getting the best odds possible. Most respected online sportsbooks offer what appears to be similar betting odds, but the small differences are huge when it comes to tallying your final profit and loss. 

Check any betting odds comparison site and pick out the game of interest to you. The most generous odds will be in bold, making it easier to find. The top price is the bookie you should be gambling with.

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